#7 Zerrett


Mate, blokes get quarantined from the club when they have a virus for the fear of it running through the joint.


Because the fitness staff and medical staff and Zerrett himself said he was fit to play. What the hell else is Woosha meant to do?


Okay, if your deemed fit to play then, why come out with the excuse that he played under a virus? Your either fit to play, or your not. Its simple. Saying he had a virus, when the club has put him out there, is nothing but excuse making.

I’m no doctor, but you’d think playing a bloke with a virus who has to run many kilometers in humidity would be a fucken dumb move


The club wasn’t using that as an excuse, they were showing the reason they believed he may have been down. Woosha made it clear that he was not happy with Zac’s efforts.

It is people like yourself who see it as excuse making, it is just an explanation as to maybe why, not an excuse.

But then you don’t want answers, you just want to sook. So I will give it a rest.


I’m not sooking at all, I’m trying to have a decent discussion but your sitting on that pedestal again. So if that was the reason he was down, would you not have thought it may have been a better option to play someone who was 100% fit and no question marks, ie parish or clarke?


Woosha can only go on the information given to him. He passed the fitness test, medical staff say he right to go, what else is the selection panel supposed to base their decision on?

And could you imagine the reaction in here if Parish had played? They all wanted him traded after the JLT. And Clarke won’t be around for much longer imo, don’t think he will make it long term.


Zac shouldn’t be dropped and I’m glad he wasn’t. He has enough credits in the bank.

Some of the other senior players though…


Then dont come out and say he played under a virus. Because if he did, he shouldn’t have played and that’s a poor decision. That’s my point


Then your point is wrong, players do that all the time. IMO that is.




Did he or didn’t he have a virus?

I’m confused now.


Should be a Pol.


Depends how paranoid you are about the club lying.


I think this requires a further 48 hours of discussion.


Please god no.


Psst…clubs make mistakes. All the time.
Amazing, innit?


Worse part about the virus joke is that if it was it’s just setting up the excuse for this week. Best way to transmit a virus is close contact.

If he had one he should be at home away from the group, ensure he doesn’t infect the rest of the squad.

Half the squad will have a virus this week, that’s the excuse anyway.

GWS won’t have contracted it at all.


There was no need for the club to go public.


Staying up and watching the replay of the Saints game last year reminded me of how good this bloke is when in form.

He was the best player on the ground.

Here’s hoping he is actually fit today…


Not how I read it.

They want players to take responsibility, put their hand up and say they’re not right to play.

Hence the line about “most of the time we don’t have to treat them like children” (or something to that effect).

Agree or disagree, wanting the players to take responsibility has been very, very constant from the coach/es.