#7 Zerrett


Was Zach actually ill?

I’d think it is well established that he plays poorly whenever he is under the weather, it’s happened to him a couple of times before and he has played well below the standard he has set.


Im not buying it. Just a very convenient excuse for a poor performance. And it doesent explain his JLT form either. Has he has a virus for 4 weeks then?


Glandular fever confirmed


He had impaired hearing from all the YELLING!


what the hell has happened to this guy?




A liability at the moment.

Must be dropped.


Was terrible, his opponent was niggling him all day and he never once stood up for himself

Kicking was awful, decision making was awful. He was AWFUL


Dont know what’s wrong with him and don’t care.

He’s an absolute ■■■■■■■ liability at the moment.

Should be dropped for his own stupidity if nothing else.

He owes pigeon a ■■■■■■■ slab as well.


When’s the last time a bomber beat a tag? Jobe 2012?


He’s still clearly affected by the virus


If he’s not right (clearly he’s not) he needs to be shut the fk down until he is. Give a hungry kid like Clarke, Mutch or Laverde a chance.


At least a month more of running him into the ground before we come clean on early onset of somthing.


Way out of form but we have far bigger issues


Laverde might be out for a couple of weeks


Just a couple of weeks? Has that been confirmed?


Worsfold is ruining this guy


No not confirmed.

I’m not an expert but I’m hopeful it’s not too bad.

No moonboot and stayed to watch the remainder of the game rather than go get it checked.

Wishful thinking really.


Well yeah it is wishful thinking because when LAV gets an injury, he misses half the farking season. Can’t he just have continuity for once.


Is Ostoitis Pubis contagious? He shares the locker next to Joe…just sayin’