#7 Zerrett


His ankle did blow up pretty quick so there is every chance it could be a bad one.

I was just surprised he wasn’t taken away immediately.

He strapped it up and then just sat down on the ground and watched the remainder of the game.

Zerk at least had his ankle elevated and was sitting inside.


Nearly killed McGrath


Well, I spent most of the night shaking my head at him.

Look at the stats after the game and he has racked up 29 pressure acts and 14 contested possessions and 7 tackles.

Maybe he isn’t far off a return to form?


Brutal tackle early on


Was a lot better tonight. hes back


He still doesn’t put his head over it, and hasn’t done so really since that concussion. He was OK. Work still to do


Still not 100% but he had a big dip tonight when he looked buggered.

He is a prideful player. He will build.


Huge tackle


May I politely request a gif of the Viney tackle?


6 clearances too. Pretty massive game.


Massive call.

And wrong.


I second this request.


He used to be fabulous at it don’t get me wrong. But I saw a number of contests today where he could have gone harder, but waited a spilt second so he would be second to the ball.

I don’t blame him at all for this and I reckon his concussion was maybe way more serious that what we’ve been led to believe.


Viney might like to take a week or two off for that elbow stuff.
Thought Zerretts kicking was incisive he really cut them up. Obviously not 100%, but that’s what he gave tonight. Very well done


Absolutely. I noticed it. He doesn’t go nearly as hard when the pill is on the line anymore. He legit shirked a few contests tonight. Is that because the concussion is playing on his mind? Maybe

Nevertheless, he was really good tonight. But yeah, I watched him sit back a few times


I wouldn’t mind him playing a little more ‘outside’ to be honest, he’ll always have a well balanced game but I’d rather use his kicking more often and we don’t exactly need him inside the contest as much as we used to


Brought back the huge rundown tackles and defensive efforts that were hallmarks of his earlier years

The best Zerrett lays massive tackles and runs both ways, has elite left foot kicking and great handballing, he’s a bit off the pace atm seems to be getting his fitness back


I am not so sure he is shirking. I have a feeling the coaches are instructing him to play more outside and stay back to receive at the contest. It might be to develop him as an outside player more or it might be because they are worried about his concussion hits and don’t want more of them, or a mix of both. To me it looked less like shirking and more like tactics.


Matter of opinion and I dont doubt his courage but he just looks like someone who’s worried about concussion

Either way, he was still good


You’d hope the club is supporting him if the issue is related to concussion.