#7 Zerrett


Ageeed. Massive improvement from the first 2 rounds but at times looking a little hesitant. Positive is he should only get better, was great last night


FWIW was BOG according to CD:


His pressure was off the charts. Good to see him find other ways to impact when he needs to.


Did you get permission from @chris_64 to post this?


He has all the tools needed to emulate Smith’s defensive ability.

McGrath and Parish do as well.


That tackle on Viney was frickin awesome.



He’s back


Great game today, well done.


Brilliant game by Zerrett today. Some of his kicks in traffic to hit up a teammate on the chest were fantastic.


There’s the Zerrett we know and love.

Welcome back, son.


Led the team in pressure acts, I hope that is a trend that continues


The question is why wasn’t Brisbane tagging Zach?
35 damaging possessions to Neale’s ineffective stats gathering.
Well played young Merrett.


Finally looks like he is close to full fitness now.


Yeah, much much cleaner around the ball, no double grabbing and fumbles.

Didn’t like his little dive in the 3rd though


He was back last week. This kid has had 59 pressure acts across his last 2 games. Must be close to the highest pressure player in the AFL?


Building a nice little bromance with Shiel


Hopefully, he can give Dylan a few pointers on how to hit a target


Did the HuN do an article on Zerret and his pressure acts? I don’t have an account so anyone bothered to share I’d be very grateful.


My photo! First time I have photographed a Bombers win since shooting AFL (3 years now - only 1 or 2 games a week), was a nice one to shoot!