#8 Ben Hobbs

Yeah it’s a tough ones because he is so competitive by nature that he sees the ball and wants to get it no matter the situation.

You don’t want to take that out of him, but it’s just coaching him to take in his surroundings for that fraction of a second before he goes for the ball.


Once he fought his way back into the team, he had a really good season overall. Real grafter and his disposal improved. His in close get ball courage and feeding it out was high standard.

At least we got this first round draft pick right by looks of it.


Never seen a midfielder go to ground so often

The experts at Fox sports just discussing wtf we are going to do to improve.

Bucks: The Bombers have recruited for speed for years.
Jon Brown: They need some mongrel, wheres the Toby greene ?
Lyon: Well where are they going to get that from?
Brown: Well that’s Ben Hobbs and Archie Perkins.

Sorry Ben, you turn 20 next month, but Fox footy says you are the mongrel who has to carry the whole midfield physically for the next few years. Hopefully Archie Perkins will give you a bit of help in the mongrel department.


This is your mongrel???


Dont shoot the messenger, thats what Fox Foooty says !

He could get a job with ManPower I suppose, but seriously, do either of them have the tank for full time mid yet?

This kids gonna be a star. Loves the hard stuff and will be a leader in the years to come.


0 tackles last week. Trade him. Probably the kick up the arse he needs for his career and he probably still has value.

Perkins? Archie Perkins?
Do these ■■■■■■■ muppets even watch our games?
Who’s watching Perkins and thinking “yeah he’s got some mongrel”??


I think we can bring some mongrel to Archies game…just needs some training.

Fark I wouldn’t bank on that. Have my doubts on him even making it, let alone adding mongrel and hunger for the contest.
I’d be saying the mongrel needs to come from Draper, Caldwell, Hobbs and possibly Tsatas. Perkins seems that if he were to reach maximum potential, it would be more class than mongrel.
We are very light on mongrel. Need to outsource.

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Red Dog = mongrel.


2024 , Anzac Day, headline:

“On 3rd attempt, Essendon Mongrel succeeds in removing serial ducking pest’s head”

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He definitely tired I think late this season, big pre season Hobba we need you.

If Parish ran around physically colliding with opposition players for the last 8 years:

A: he would probably be finished as his body would be farked AND
B: his impact on players 20kgs heavier would be negligible AND
C: his ave disposals would be in the low 20s

so nah… horses for courses, Parish’s job is to get possession of the ball, and others around him’s job is to protect him


Vive le difference ! Footy teams need a variety of player types. Tom Green and Josh Kennedy for GWS are different player types but together with Coniglio they demolished Ports highly touted midfield. If Setterfield can play as he did in the first few rounds, I think our midfield can stack up ok.

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I think he will have a big breakout season in 2024. His game stacks up in the toughest games. And with another preseason he will have the fitness and bulk to handle the impacts for a full year.


I certainly felt more confident of our ability to clear the ball from pack situations when Hobbs was involved. Was it the reality, I don’t know, but he appeared to actively pursue the football, unlike some of our other mids.