#8 Ben Hobbs

Did a great job coming on. He thrives in those sorts of tough contested games

Please give him a full game, enough of this sub rubbish


I noticed, with 5 minutes to go and GWS needing to kick 4 goals to win, we were allowing GWS to try to ignite some scoring opportunities through speed, we were also still trying to score.
The tempo was frantic. Hobbs marked out on the wing/ halfback and waited his full time. At that moment, I felt a sigh of relief. We were about to put the queue in the rack and indeed we did.

It is such a good feeling to shut the game down like that. Its almost the ultimate rubbing opponents noses in the dirt. I have not seen us treat opponents as our “■■■■■” for so long.

So, the question is, did Hobbsy seize that moment himself, or did instructions go out via the runner?

After losing to Collingwood in last year’s Anzac day game the way they did, I think I read in one of the training reports that on that particular training day, the team or group were practising shut down scenarios and how to best bottle the game up.

I’m reasonably sure I read that somewhere on Blitz.

Learnings eh?

He was like a bull in those last few minutes, he was like mad man ensuring that ball didn’t come out

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If it helps situations like Jeremy Cameron go off the ground and have a proper concussion assessment then yes.

We should have kicked a few goals in that last 12 odd minutes. Gresham dropped an easy chest mark, Martin chose to pass with a shot from 40 out and there was another one I can’t quite remember. I liked how we keep attacking initially, we always seem to somehow screw things up when we stop trying to score. My recollection was it was Martin choosing to pass instead of going for goal was the moment we shut up shop.

IMO he did (hind goal) but the ump didn’t call it.

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Even better

He could be our James Faulkner; the closer.

Gonna be a good finals footy player. We are starting to have a few of them now too.


Hope Hobbs gets more midfield time over the next 3 weeks with Parish out.
Think alot of the fan base has forgotten how talented this guy is when played in his spot.

I am still very bullish about him .


I’m getting less and less bullish to be honest. I think he can play, when he plays his best role. But i see him behind others. Caldwell coming on this year is prob hurting him.

Its a good problem for us to have to have mid depth. Not so good for the guys who cant break down the door.

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i reckon there’d be a few clubs pretty interested in Hobbsy.


He was incredible to watch live in the Carlton game last year- thought he had REALLY arrived. Shame in a way that he’s not being played in his most obvious spot. Hopefully we can find some way to maximise his strengths without diluting the Caldwell-Durham combo that has obviously been one of the best things to happen to the club in years.

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He is only 20, compared to Perkins (22), Durham (22), and Caldwell (23).

Hard to say he is progressing given he is playing out of his natural position. But there’s no obvious reason to be anything but optimistic.


I noticed him lace out a very nice pass in the last quarter. Is this a sign of improvement I wonder? He is not fast like Tsatas, so he needs to really sharpen up his disposal especially going I50, its something more of our younger players are becoming able to do. Not just Zach Merret.

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Apart from the fact that he’s hasn’t a standout attribute and a number of deficiencies

I’d still give Hobbs a long run in the seniors

He, more than anyone, should be thrown into the midfield rotation with parish being out.

If Shiel is to play, let him start on half forward and push up to the midfield like Hobbs has done lately



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I see a lot to like in Hobbs but he is still not used to the pace of the game. Gets caught holding the ball a lot, that’s both due to him trying to take on more than his capability in terms of taking on the tackle but also an element of indecisiveness. A lot of times he won’t take the first option, and ultimately end up getting caught out as a result.

He will get there but the best thing he can do is look to demonstrate positional flexibility. Our midfield is deep, he will get opportunities (likely over the next few weeks) but if he wants to maintain a spot in the team he is going to need to add flexibility beyond inside mid role