#8 Ben Hobbs

There are plenty of inside mids his size. Usually if they make it they are ■■■■■■■ good.

The Hawks…nah

Will Day

With them trying to get midfield minutes into Mackenzie, Macdonald, Moore and Ward (when he gets back in the side).
The Hawks are flush for strong inside mids, and Mitchell values guys who can kick the footy, which rules out Hobbs.

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Caldwell is showing us the importance of a warrior at the coalface, Hobbs is a good understudy, it’ll be interesting how he goes with another preseason


This thread is hilarious.

Essendon has been crying out for midfielder depth for as long as I have been supporting them.

We finally get it… and Dodo has wasted picks… trade 'em out for whatever we can get… lol no. Show me a premiership side in recent times that hasn’t had great midfield depth?


You won’t be able to keep all of Hobbs, Shiel, Setterfield, Tsatas, Parish, Merrett, Caldwell and Durham, as they all essentially play the same role. Add to that Stringer and Perkins who play forward but pinch hit in the middle and 2 or more of those guys will leave for opportunities. It’s up to Essendon to decide which ones they are willing to let go.


Collingwood ?

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People have short memories, last year its was Hobbs and Caldwell that were the two that were holding up the midfield midseason. Hobbs was playing very well, he was at the coal face and had great traffic sense, his kicking was generally quite good apart from the very occasional howler. Don’t believe me, go back and watch the second Port game last year where he went head to head with JHF, and if you want more, rounds 13-17 where he was really cracking in with mid time.

This year he has had an interrupted pre season, he has been injured through the season and as such has had a poor year.

Have no doubt he will pass a few next year.


I reckon the new, stricter, holding the ball interpretation hurts Hobbs as well. He’s a see ball get ball sorta guy and we’re almost at the stage of punishing that act. He got pinged more than others before, it’s only going to get worse.

I like him, he strikes me as a competitor who will drag others with him. I reckon a spot will open up for him sooner or later.

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Agreed. And from your very list, Hobbs is not the one that should drop out.

Perhaps not, but if he’s not getting a game in his best position, he may well ask to leave.

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In order Merrett, Durham, Parish, Caldwell, Tsatas, Sheil, Hobbs, Setterfield

19 touches 6 clearances 4 tackles in a wet first half of the Vfl today.

You cannot tell me he wouldnt offer more than Cox at the moment. If you are desperate to keep Cox in then swap him for Perkins or Shiel (despite that fact he was okay, Hobbs is the future, Shiel is not).

Perkins might actually benefit from an extended run playing on the ball in the VFL right now.


Playing Wright (who had one kick, no marks and no scores) last night and overlooking Hobbs must be one of the dumbest selection decisions of the year.

The conditions would have suited Hobbs’ game and it would have been another valuable exposure at AFL level. Another wasted development opportunity.


Rested in the last quarter of the twos today.
Supect he is a likely in for Friday night. Hopefully not the sub…


But BDB looked at the weather and it said it wasn’t going to rain.

Just bring him in already!


Watch him be the emergency

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Or he’ll be the sub activated in the final 7 minutes when Adelaide are 2 goals up.

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Comes in for the invisible man Archie Perkins, surely.


This guy would’ve been perfect Saturday night. Sorry but Hobbs at least competes when in the middle and up forward. Saturday night was tailor made for Guelfi, but he was literally absent. Guelfi out, Hobbs in.

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