#8 Jason Winderlich


Loved him, True champ.


Were Richmond going to offer us a pick for him or was it FA? Looking back, would have been funny had they picked him up


Was a mistake to talk him into playing on. Clearly he knew something others didn’t when he pulled the plug last year.


Thanks for your service Jason, a great little player and a club favourite.


Have Richmond expressed interest yet?

Have Richmond expressed interest yet?

They intend to have him up forward next year with Stevie J


Great interview with Winders.

He played through quite a few coaching regimes and interesting to note that he loved playing under Bomber T the most and that he set the positions up very well and the best game day tactician. Also Quinn the best fitness and mind trainer


What interview?


When I need recycled timber…


Interview on EFC website with Rohan C.
Terrific interview… Winder’s had only great things to say about Bomber’s coaching knowledge. It was hard listening to the pain he went through both physically and mentally to get onto the field - sadly injuries finally caught up with him.
I am really loving Rohan’s interviews with ex-players - well done him.


By God the boy could play.


Made mention of how hard we were and in his first game he was getting roughed up, Barnard came over and said”touch him again and il bash ya”

Fk I wish we had some absolutely ruthless blokes in our side. I want to be that team. Feared. Hated. Tough


He’s one i always wonder ‘what if’

‘what if the injuries just ■■■■■■ off?’


I jumped in a photo with Barnard and my mates at the Crichton…I was a touch late so Barnard thought I was just trying to stuff up the pic…I thought he was gonna knock me out!