8 Jul 17 - Bombers V Magpoos Pics - Winning in July is a beautiful thing

The Captain and his young protégé share a laugh before the game.

Pendles tells De Goey de goey over there.

Jobe-wan keeps the ball suspended above him using the force.

Pendles warms up to Footloose on the boom box.

Buckley checks his Apple Watch to see if any news on his twitter feed about his coaching position.


The boys come up the race.

Jobe releases the quick hand pass out of congestion.

Zerrett turns on to the trusty left foot to set up a forward move.

Woosha shows his feelings towards wimmera1’s analysis of his coaching.

Zaka puts the clamps on Thomas

JoeDan is beaten to the drop of the ball.

Tbell celebrates his two opening quarter goals.

Fanta applies some more stickum to his hands.

Pendles asks Buckley to take his boombox off the ground after realising it is still on the field.

No pressure, no pressure, no pressure…

Hang on, what did Pendles want again?

Happy Hooker ruffles Raz’s hair after a nice goal.

Big Jim kicks a goal

Gleeson trips over Pendles boombox that he forgot to take off the field.

Myersy looks for options, preferably on his left…

Half time and the Pies are full of energy and looking forward to the 2nd half.

Old man Pops Kelly clocking up the touches.

JoeDan flys over the pack to take the mark

Veteran McGrath unleashes another handpass to advantage.

Pops Kelly shows some candy

Farseholo is surprised by the tackle of Pops Kelly.

Greeny pumps his little corgi legs to move the ball up field.

Dois was Dois-loike around the ground and contests.

Hooker gets a big Cox from behind

Razzle kicks another goal

Jobe controls the ball out of the air in the marking contest.

Hurls gets the fist in to stop Reid taking the mark.

Suffering from a bizarre case of footy sleep apnoea, Big Jim falls asleep on Dunn’s back.

Zac starts another rebound.

And congratulates JoeDan on a fine goal

Raz looks to keep moving with the ball.

Harts encourages Baggers

Tbell jumps over big Cox to win the tap

Hartley applies defensive pressure to force Reid to drop the mark.

JoeDan gets another goal.

Walla looks for the next sucker to take on.

Raz pulls in the mark

Corgi runs away with the ball after Greenwood throws the elbow out and collects Zac on the chin.

Zac is down for the nine count.

JoeDan is not happy that his best mate has been laid out.

Hooksy and JoeDan remonstrate with Greenwood after his high elbow drops Zac.

Raz comes in to help fly the flag, whilst Hooksy gives Greenwood a noogie to the head.

Greenwood looks to continue his tag on Zac despite the already close attention from the medical staff.

Zac leaves the ground to get checked out.

Buckley tries to gee his team up.

Shows them his war face

Like this

But the boys have had enough and Pendles throws in the towel at the 3 qtr break. Unfortunately the umpires don’t respect the boxing tradition and force them to play out the last quarter.

The fourth quarter starts with a quick 65 mtr goal to Zac to ice the game.

Colyer and De Goey spoil each other.

Adams tries to give Jobe his war face, but fails miserably.

Myersy gives it the hoof.

Tbell gets a grip on big Cox in the ruck contest

Dois with the quick hands.

Five goals for Razzle.

TIL Dois often makes a rocket noise as he runs to make the opposition think he is faster than he really is.

Sometimes it gets a bit spitty…

The fat lady sings!
Dois and Pendles chew the fat.

“I asked Bucks to take it off the field…”

“You heard me ask him, didn’t you?”

Greenwood comes over to apologise to Zac.

No hard feelings.

Bombers fans let Greenwood know what they think of him.

Pops Kelly and Woosha celebrate a win

Jobe and Zac share a laugh at Collingwood’s expense.



Very good!

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Awesome pics, thanks

Fabulous. Thanks Warlock.

Very entertaining story, thanks Warlock.

Excellent pics again and amusing too.

Gleeson tripping over the boombox… LOL

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He looks like Bomba Thompson there!

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Thanks WP. Great pics… love the captions.:laughing:

I don’t understand the boom box reference, but it’s still funny.