#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Gleeson had a great game I thought.
Plenty went wrong in the last few minutes.


He was very good.


If it was McGrath in the goalsquare being outmarked by Rohan would we want him out of the he team because he is too short? Sometimes you have to wrestle with a bigger / stronger player, or someone who has better position and will lose. No blame to Gleeson whatsoever.


Thought he was pretty darn good last night. There were dozens of things we got wrong in the final few minutes of the game so I definitely won’t pin the blame on him. Some of our players who should know better made inexcusable errors. Hopefully that final bit of play doesn’t shake his confidence


He was excellent last night and i thought rohan gave away a free kick.


Its not gleesons fault. Its a horrendous error by the leadership. Did no one surveil the ground and go. Hmmm maybe a kpd should be there?


Good to see that generally Blitzers are not crucifying the kid.


One of the best he’s played for the club.




Even Fletch couldn’t defend being picked up from behind, it would have been totally forgivable for Marty to take out Rohan with an elbow to the head if he had have had the presence of mind to do so, after all he would have just been trying to keep his balance.

We should be furious with Sydney’s cheating, not our own players!



Poor Marty copped it for not being in front and he actually gets rag dolled. Free kick all day.

Between that action by Rohan and blatant push in back to Belly that just sums up a trip to Sydney and umpires being woeful


That is just blatant cheating by those AFL rats…how can they not see Rohan pick Marty up and shove him behind himself…how much more obvious is that!!!


Thought it was his best game for the year


Even more so when you realize he should have been paid a free kick

If anything I just hope it makes him realize how much more he needs to push himself in the gym regardless of Rohan applying a body to body suplex


Nah inspector gadget would have found a way i.e. go go gadget arms or maybe in this case legs.


He was excellent. But if I was Marty I’d be asking what critical failing of defensive stoppage structure left him one out on the goal line… where was the help standing at the top of the goal square?!


That footage makes me angry. Again.


A warning to others, do not watch the video, destruction will follow afterwards.


We got plenty of frees that we wouldn’t ever up there, just not the one that counted at the finish. But then we were also three goals up with four minutes to go so let’s not go nuts at the umpires.

Daniher, Hurley and Goddard all more responsible than Marty, who had a great game.


The commentators say that was just normal physical jostling in marking contest.
The way it shows is that he was tackled without the football, Rohan picked him up and dumped him aside. Surely it was holding the man . Both Martys arms were free. No jumper hold to complicate matters.
AFL Rules.com.au
There are a variety of reasons for a free kick to be awarded such as:

Holding the man: Holding/tackling a player who does not have the ball.
You know the umpires excuse will be “they did not see it” . Send them down to the Vision Australia.

Can’t be changed. Move on.


He had a pretty good game, what happened on that last play does not change that. Really we should had another back ready for that quick kick forward. You probably wouldn’t want Marty on the last line anyhow, if that was Hurls there is no way Rohan outbodies him. Coulda woulda shoulda. But since his recall Marty has been tracking very well…