#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


The excerpt from the laws of the game is “unduly block, bump, push or hold in a marking contest”

That was as clear an indication of a free kick in a marking contest that they would rarely pay against the forward but always against the defender. And never in the last 10min of a close game when they “put the whistle away”.

Yet another example of the ridiculous inconsistency in the officiating of our game and the parlous state of umpiring with little or no accountability for incorrect/poor decisions.


OK, I see. So there are different rules in the game in the last 10 minutes. Its open slather at the end. Let the game flow ? Right?


pretty much. farcical isn’t it?!


I had to turn the telly off when that happened. Others who have watched it are very brave IMO. Me, Blocked the game outta my head since turning off the telly. That game didn’t happen and like MrJez (in the VFL thread), this weekend I was lucky enough to be an Essendon VFL supporter. :relaxed:.


I tried to rewatch the game. But the free kicks against us in the first quarter didn’t allow me to get very far, because they were in such stark contrast to those not paid in the last 2 minutes. I had to turn it off.


Not going to be many frees like that paid in the last minute of any game. Particularly with the two reviewed goals.


Perhaps the umpires should be driven off the ground in Armoured Personnel Carrier , then they might be prepared to make the calls according to the rules late in games.


you give them too much credit. i don’t reckon half of them know the rules of the game. incompetent.


Interesting to speculate, would that umpiring decision be the same if the game was played at the G with 50,000 Essendon supporters there, instead of the SCG.


Umpires didn’t hesitate to pay a hold to the Bulldogs in the last minute to save the match for them.


Free kick Sydney - goal.


Marty did nothing wrong. He should have never been one out in the goal square on his own. Sydney did well to isolate him and get that match up.

Good to see Hurls get to him after the game.


Apparently it wasn’t Marty in the square!

Thank goodness for the AFL communication specialists, it seems we were confused by Hurls more slender post lay off figure:

"Swans defender Dane Rampe charged through the stoppage and his hurried snap landed in the arms of forward Gary Rohan, who outmuscled Bomber Michael Hurley in the square and kicked a goal after the siren for a one-point win. "



Honestly, when you know how many actual hard facts they get wrong… how can you even consider their opinions worth reading.



The scary part is, by far the majority of readers never know any better. What is read, is Word.


l knew someone would raise this furphy. On what grounds should he have been paid a free kick?


So it is okay to pick up a defender who is legally leaning back into you, both feet off the ground and throw them behind you, without the ball even nearby?


The rule is called ‘holding the man’.
Like everything else in this game, it is ‘interpretable’.


Under the “Holding the man” rule. One of the most basic rules of the game.
He didn’t just push Gleeson out of the way, he put both arms around him, picked him up and slung him behind.
Do you seriously think if the roles were reversed and a defender did that to a forward that a free kick would not be paid? A free kick is a free kick and not paying that one decided the result of the game.


Get your eyes checked old man