#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Another good game, couldn’t have done much more. Been impressive since coming back in the side, intercept marking has been great and his disposal has been mostly good


Probably our best today.


All I can think of is that turn over in the last


How the fark did he manage that? Been studying overtime at the Trav Colyer school for elite footskills…


for a foetus he marks it well


Great game.

Even the commentators were having a dig at him being thrown out of the way last week. Especially when Hooker gave away a free for the same thing.



Did he die?


You can fault his size but not his endeavour.


Lion Heart


Gutsy litrle fella!!
Love his efforts and confidence!


I like Gleeson but mark my words…when it comes to a big game or potentially a final he is the type of player who will cost us in a critical moment. Not his fault. He is just too weak to play one one one. I would bet my house that this will happen. Close game, elimination final, opposition kick forward, gleeson one on one, loses , we lose the game.
It will happen. I’ve warned you all.


That’s what she said. :frowning:


I’d love him to draw a picture of what he thinks he looks like.


We’re playing finals? Excellent. Atm, I’ll take that.



Essendon playing finals. Good one.


Given this has happened to almost every back that lost a close / important game could you be more specific?
How much is your house worth?

Another very good game today. Teaming better and better as a back group as the year goes on.
Some excellent disposals too.


Put his courage and effort into Hartley’s body and we would have the best defender the game has seen


Played a fantastic game. His spoiling and marking was top notch. Some of his kicks were pin point bullets


surely there’s some sort of sports science guy who can arrange this?