#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


He just isn’t strong enough in one on one contests at times which lets him down. But he has improved a lot, from disposal to positioning and to decision making.

Needs to speak to Fletcher on how to use his skinny body or get stronger in gym.


That is known around these woods as the ‘Steinberg-Brown Effect’


Do’t pt your house on it.


So brave.

In 5kg time he will be terrific.

This could be, unfortunately, many years time. Lock him in the gym in the off season and don’t let him out.


He attacked that pick on the last like a Mean Mut.ha Fakker posessed! That’s what winning does!


Ha ha yeah last time in Sydney it was called a mark to Rohan.
Last week against Brisbane it was called a free kick to Brisbane.
Umpires with wtnf are they really thinking moments.


Da Gleek put all the knockers in their fkn corner today. Great game.


No idea how he hasn’t been seriously injured. So much courage but so little frame to support it!


No thanks!


He’s been great since his spell in the twos. Playing confident, attacking football


Exactly what you want in a young player - eager, determined, dedicated, good to coach , takes instruction, never sooks it up.


Maybe it’s also, and this is outlandish, being dropped to the 2s was a wake up call.


The anti-Carlilse?


I’d hate to be your child, lol


Keeps putting in good games, and fits in nicely. Courage is not an issue, he just automatically goes back with the flight.


Thanks.wouldn’t want you

Also its like being pulled into a meeting during your probationary period and being told you’re not doing good enough. You accept it and try to improve or don’t and ride it out until you’re probation is up.


Maybe. Maybe it’s also, and this is being outlandish, his attitude was fine, but he just had to work on a few aspects of his game.




I think you mean parole period, don’t you?

Not Gleeson’s…yours!


I reckon there would be a few players that periodically may need a ‘wake up’. But I don’t think Marty is one of them.