#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Finally worked out what coaches have seen in him.

Reads the flight of the ball really well, has a pretty big leap on him, and when he interecept marks he intercepts at speed and is learning when to use it to gallop away for a rebound goal


Gleeson reads the ball well and since his return is leading the comp in intercept possesions. He has grown the past few pre seasons and put some kgs on since arriving at the club and is a legitimate 6 1’ third tall defender with a good spring. He is still poor below his knees and needs some pentration in his kicking. He has some areas to improve but he is a hard worker and will keep improving.


It would probably be more life like than his pic from the footy live app:


He’s 6’3" !!
Still think our best lineup has him playing one size down, and Ambrose in the side.


Been playing much better with more offence than before and some good third man marking.

I’ll admit, I still have serious doubts though.


I think Gleeson has improved a lot this year particularly with the quality of his Intercept marking. I think he might still turn into a really good defender. He’s still only 22.


Easton Wood 2.0


Marty Party 1.0


He has been very good again tonight.


Improved his decision making immensely.
Great courage, great mark.

On his way to been an absolute mainstay of the side.


Seriously good so far. Like having 2 Hurley’s


mah boy


Clunk city


Loving the intercepts and most of everything else, but two blind long kicks in a row to Carlisle could have been better.


If Fanta had kicked that one it would have been the team goal of week. Marty’s courage and then rebound was sensational.


Keep sticking it up them Gleeson!


Best on to 3/4 for me. Marking everything and that tackle. Only thing he did wrong was kick 35m backwards when we should have been pressing forward.


Played absolutely fantastic. Had a great game.


Was fantastic tonight again.


Best game he has played, becoming a pretty serious player.