#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


What a great game - I underestimated this guy


Great game. Having a great year too


brought back the gallop, next year +5 kg will do that every game


Can someone gif that gallop on the wing where he sliced through the unsuspecting saints players. Was a type of confidence I haven’t seen in Gleeson since his first 5 games.


He is a ■■■■■■■ good kick too. In previous seasons sometimes his decision making has let him down, but he’s always looked like having an elite field kick.


Even added big tackles to his repertoire this evening.


Terrific game, well done Marty.


In 2014 when bomber was coaching and on 360 he said he was like a bit like Corey enright (without trying to make the actual comparison), saying the way he sees the play unfold and he is quite calm for his age.

Starting to see a bit of it now. Still miles to go to get to Enright levels buy he does have good vision and disposal is getting better.


Solid as a rock. Looks like a stick. Hands like glue. Great game from Marty. Another gem being forged in our backline. Well done young man.


This year was make or break for Marty.



Reppin’ Marty Gleeson?


So weird. I had that scene stuck in my head today. Then again, half of my memory is taken up by Simpsons scenes…


BOSSIN ■■■■ til the early dawn


There was a couple of times I thought he was Hurley in packs.

Big credit


Gotta give Woosher credit for Gleeson improvement. Played him and backed him time and again. Learning heaps playing alongside Sir James Kelly
Could be the new Kelly in 2 years time. Big call but possible!!


Mini hurls


Best 22


I’ll start this by saying supercoach scores are a pretty bad way to judge a player, especially defenders. That being said, the role Gleeson plays tends to give a high supercoach score if done well. In his first 5 games for the year he averaged 46 points. Since returning from the VFL he’s averaged 84 points. That’s a solid improvement.


Absolutely dumped Carlisle in a big tackle at one point. Really surprised me, didn’t think he had that strength


His contested marking for someone his sizing is amazing