#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


He’s a weed but he’s a fit as ■■■■ looking weed right now. Strong through the shoulders, reaching tall, covering ground with ease. I’m really really happy to see him in great form, I’ve always tried to back him in. Here’s hoping he keeps climbing.


Outmarked Riewoldt

Tackled Carlisle to the ground



Love how he just took the game on at every opportunity, needs to maintain that benchmark now with Ambrose & eventually Francis and Ridley knocking on that door.


Please don’t bulk up, we were wrong. Couple of ball and all tackles.
I think he took it to Beast Mode last night


I’ll put my hand up; I wanted him delisted at the end of last year.

I was hard on him because he was mixing the courageous with a couple of short steps in the same game, my absolute pet hate. What I didn’t take into consideration was that really, when you’re 18th with a team of tips ups it would be ■■■■■■ hard to push yourself like that at every contest.

This year he looks like a completely different person. His decision making has improved leaps and bounds, he looks ten times stronger in the core and his marking is brilliant.

If ever I needed a reminder as to why I worked in FMCG and not List Management, Marty would be it.


When he was sent back to the 2’s earlier in the year, I felt, well, that could be it, all over for Marty. But since he’s been back, he’s been great, I’m very happy for him.

Excellent coaching too, didn’t let him.lose confidence after the Swans game.


He has done a Colyer, on a knifes edge with his career until one day it all just clicked and now he is a damn good player.


I remember when pics of the players were posted last year and Rioli made comment on the physique’s of all but look at Marty.

Said then he was the greyhound (sleek) of the group.

Never underestimate a greyhound.



Don’t underestimate the constant belief shown in him by Woosher. Will make a fantastic Kelly replacement if he keeps improving at the current rate.


People forget that he is still young. He has a way to go.


Still see him as a future leader


Gleeson for POTW


He really proved me wrong. This is the level he needs to play at all the time.

Dare I say he was very Kelly in the way he played?

Need this every week!


Never in doubt. Welcome to the Marty party!


I think we forget how that this bloke is still only 22 (turning 23 next month) but he’s still very much in that development phase and gradually improving. He’s also 191cm so only stopped growing a few years ago. Just wait until Francis is ready to go. between the 2 of them they’ll be intercepting to the early morn


He is growing into himself. Late developer needed time. He’s gonna be a ripper.


Been quietly confident . Starting to put it together. Great game.


On behalf of myself and all the long-term believers:


Marty “Glue Stick!” Gleeson.


Confidence is a marvellous thing.

When he was dropped earlier in the year, I had written him off.
But the form reversal from that point on is astonishing.

He lost alot of confidence from an anzac day game where he kept trying to break through tackles and kept getting caught, a few years ago. He’s now almost getting back to that player he was before that.
Backing himself in when he has the ball, running through and around players, even his skill and decision making with the ball is getting better.

Whatever they said and did with him after the dropping, bottle it and tell every player.