#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


l have always liked what he brought to the team, and believed he would make it. Starting to deliver on his potential / promise. Still got a lot of upside and room for improvement. He is only going to get better. Sit back, watch and enjoy.




Those sticky mits.

Marty ‘gecko’ Gleeson.


Actually told my son “nah surely that’s Hurley” after pone of his clunks down the Footscray end. And his mate was calling him turnover king before the game. I gleefully (pun intended) kept pointing out to this kid that Gleeson was going at 100% until a late clearing kick went to a saint. Don’t think my son’s mate will be a doubter now.

His intercept marking is up there, think he’s the type to slowly improve over 10 years and be remembered as a very solid defender. Sure he’ll have the odd poor game, he’s not elite but very solid.

Understand the McPhee rep story but thread could be renamed Gleesome Gleeson, after a performance like that!


The foetus has come to life.


Blitz 8 weeks ago: stop thinking you can do everything

Blitz now: it’s great that you have such belief you can do everything


For me it’s like: Oh maybe he can do everything?


New thread title should be either “Glue Stick Gleeson” or “Gecko Gleeson” IMO.


Had to watch the replay twice to be sure because I thought I was going mad, but there was about 5 times where the ball was kicked to a contested pack and Gleeson was clunky city limits.


Next year our back 6 is going to be as good as our forward 6, which are pretty damn good.


Saw some stat recently that since his return from the VFL he is number 1 in the AFL for intercept marks! That’s a very impressive stat. We saw that part of his game emerge last year but I never thought he was that ‘type’ of player.

Gleeson and Bellchambers proving my gut instincts wrong makes a huge difference to the side and the overall list management.


Isn’t that Tom Wallis?

Apologies for being late to the Marty Party.

Apparently Bomber is a good judge of a player, who’da thunk that.


Gleek the freak.


Dont underestimate Harves.


Been clunking more than clunk himself…Gleeson Forward?


Moved and attacked the game in a way that he hasn’t since his early games. Eye catching once again. Probably in no small part because he was able to outrun and out muscle his opponent. Pretty sure he was on Battle most of the night. Good match up by the coaches.


There are intercept marks and then there are contested intercept marks. When he first got recalled I wasn’t so impressed with them as I thought most were as a loose man staying back. Courageous if someone goes for it, good reading of the play, but not difficult when your man is up in the congestion . His marks the last two weeks are something else. Contested, pack, absolute gold plated intercept marking.

Been very impressive the last two weeks.


Yes, yes it is


Miss him. By far the seediest player we had on the list.

Looked like he’d roll up to the vfl still buzzing from a Jake Brady set.


See Marty’s video on the EFC website. He is so happy, says he’s been encouraged to play to his strengths, being encouraged to go for his marks.

I think the absence of Ambrose and Brown has brought out the third tall in him which has been waiting to be released. 5 more kilos should top him off though.


Good observation.