#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Marty ‘all of the intercepts’ Gleeson


Recently providing what Hibbo’s departure robbed us of…


A Dean Laidley clone


He’s taller and cleaner than Laidley.

I remember when I wanted to get Laidley as an assistant coach, lol


I think that’s what made Dean a great player, he played above his size, and I did think he was very clean as well.


Cleaner want a reference to skills


Marty “Junkyard Dog” Gleeson?


A long way away from saying that he thinks he’s something he’s not, to stop trying to do what’s beyond him, that his physique is not AFL standard, and that he should be dropped after every game.

Where have I heard all that, I wonder?


No one ■■■■■ with the Glees Dog


I love Marty


Does Marty remind anyone else of that Baddest Badass of a Good Guy ever, Peter Quinn.


Another good game under the belt.
Really impressing me, this kid. 2018 will be a breakout year for him.


I’ve been pretty unimpressed this season. Don’t think he’s got it. Clubs paid attention after that really good game, and have mostly neutralised him.




Just my view. I’m aware I seem to see him differently to a lot of Blitz.


Couldn’t disagree more, Ants.

Still think Gleeson needs to build more muscle/bulk, but he definitely ‘has it’.


I think he is doing ok this year - that is, he has improved.
His disposal is tighter and decision making is more constructive. He is not trying to crash through the pack like he did numerous times last year, only to be stopped dead in his tracks.
I think his marking has also improved.


I really think you need to stay out of threads about Gleeson. Everyone, rightly or wrongly, perceives that you have a blind spot about him and that you see faults where others see good. You could become the new DKP.


Most overrated player on our list for mine.
Not really sure what he brings to the side or what his key strengths are.
Defensively poor.
Physically very weak too.