#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Up there with Conor as one of the biggest improvers this year IMO


Double lol.


I told myself not to come into this discussion. I should have taken my own advice.


He is a good player with limitations. His reading of the play is very good, marking and courage in the air is outstanding. His kicking and ball use is ok but not great. But he is improving all the time, we have a lot to work with here. Another season in the gym will make a big difference. We have a few players in our backline that are not the greatest one on one, which Woosha seems to be able to live with if they can do enough damage the other way. Gleeson is certainly on of those players.


Backline has legit been smashed time and again this year by poor midfield defence and too many inside 50’s.

Every single one of our preferred back 6/7 (Harts, Hurls, rambrose, pops, bags, foetus and the NAB rising star) has performed well when assessing the season as a whole.


I wanna make sure were talking about the right Marty Gleeson.

Are we talking about the kid that is 191cm and currently weighs 84kg, yet only weighed 63kg when he arrived. Marty Gleeson who is still only 22 years old and has played 67 games in the backline of a team that was getting the ball pumped in there more often than not. The kid who was taken at draft pick 53 because it was noticed he does good things when he gets the ball.The bloke that five coaches have seen fit to play.

The Marty Gleeson who is currently averaging 10.2 kicks, 5.3 handballs, 5.6 marks and 1.8 tackles per game in 2017 while playing in the backline. The Marty Gleeson that currently sits eighth on Blitz’s Nobby Clarke award and is only bettered by a backman who is leading the board and is likely All Australian.

You mean that Marty Gleeson?


Thought Gleeson was really good last night. Kicking has been good. For someone his size to back into packs the way he does is absolutely amazing



Yep, … that’s the one.


One thing that I have noticed about Gleeson is just how involved he is when we concede goals. Either a missed spoil or tackle. It is something that I have noticed with Baguley too.

One thing that Gleeson can do is take an intercept mark. I reckon there is something to work with, and as he seems to do, he shows enough to see that there is something to work with. And I am not sure there is anything coming from the twos that can replace him. I get the feeling that he will be generate lots of conversations in the coming years. His best is good, but his bad is awful.


He’s having a good back half of the season, and he’s moving forward with his sense, positioning, overhead grabs, and decisions. Onward and upward, Marty!


Perception is a funny thing.

When a forward screws up, the ball rebounds towards the centre and the hard work in getting the ball up there is gone - but it’s not the end of the world. No repercussions on the forward, while very little verbal is given from the supporters.

When the mids and onballers screw up, the ball normally gets pumped into the backline for our defenders to deal with. No big deal and no repercussions on the mids or onballers from the supporters. Well not much anyways. (Yet it’s been our biggest deficiency)

Now try being a backman and screwing up… just once is all it will take. And then see what the supporters think of you. “How dare you concede a goal, you useless, good-for-nothing, under weight try hard. Get back to the reserves, learn to play the game and buy some KFC on the way chicken heart”.


Yup - same thinking as that last goal that won/lost the game.


Didn’t think last night was one of his better games. But if that’s the baseline then he’s certainly improved.

Our midfield still isn’t quite up to league standard at times and that exposes the defence too often. Reckon Gleeson will really make use of his strengths if/when the mids start interfering more with opposition ball movement.

He’s coming along very nicely imo.


I have never been this guys biggest fan but he has won me over this year.

I think he has been really good and it has been by far the most consistent season of his young career.

His intercepting and releasing handballs/kicks to players forward or running past him has been really good and has allowed the likes of McGrath and McKenna to thrive.

He doesn’t seem to get caught taking on more than he can chew as much anymore and seems to be getting a better understanding of his role and his limitations.

Really hope he goes up another level next year!


He, along with Conor, have worked their way into the season nicely after slowish starts. I think the same thing happened last year with both of them also. That kind of improvement is encouraging, and hopefully sets up well for future years.
He’s always been a damn good reader of the ball, and now his decision making and disposal is on the up. Just bulk up a bit over the summer!



Keep in mind that last night’s game was played predominately in our forward line, so in theory our backmen shouldn’t see much of the ball. Sometimes, how a game is played should be taken into consideration.

For a backman to NOT have a good game and still come in with 12 kicks, 4 handballs, 6 marks and 4 tackles when the game was basically played at the other end of the ground is ok by me.

Personally, I hope Marty hardly sees the ball for the rest of the year because it is always down in our forward line.


I’ve been really impressed with Gleeson since he earned his spot back in the team this season. Early in his career Bomber compared him to Mackie and I didn’t see it at all, as he’s progressed however I’m slowly starting to see what he was talking about.

I think the problem with the perception of Gleeson is that he came into the team very young and light and has mostly made steady progress rather than having a breakout year. We’ve become a bit used to the Parish, Orazio and McGrath types who seem to come on in leaps and bounds that when someone is more of a gradual improver we see someone who has plateaued or gone backwards.


Yeah, I might do that. Hopefully it is a blind spot and I’ll be writing about Gleeson in the "I was wrong " thread in the future. And not the occasional Blitz habit of overrating performance and potential. I just think he’s big ordinary with significant defensive weaknesses and insufficient weapons. But a number of times people here rated his games and I haven’t. The one time I went back and reviewed in detail I thought I was right. So it’s obviously a difference if opinion and I’ll bow out of this thread.


Amazing what being dumped to the reserves for a few weeks can do.

Gleeson to his credit has returned from that early season axing and is now a valuable member of the best 22.


He is only going to get more skilful with time and a couple more pre-seasons. He is never going to have the build of someone like Hurley., he’s just lanky. He will get stronger and learn his to use his body to his advantage and that will make him a better player for us. He’s improved this season.