#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


The whole backline is on a hiding to nothing with the way our midfield let their opponents prance around like dressage contestants.


Hopefully that will improve radically after this seasons ends, some leave and others are drafted. And we get a good squad together.


I have no doubt that this is the case.

And pressure notwithstanding, the defenders job if he can’t beat his direct man is to at least impact the contest. And this is where I see him needing to improve. I don’t expect perfection, and I’d hate to be a defender in our set up with the lack of pressure from midfield, but the point remains that when you watch a good proportion of goals that we concede, Gleeson is often the guy who has made the last mistake.


It was Corey Enright.


Corey Enright compared him to Mackie?



Flame away, but the “last mistake” guy is Hurley way more often than Gleeson.


I spoke to Bomber at a Crichton one night and he compared David Myers to Enright… and he wasn’t even drunk


Yep once the mids start forcing more long high bombs into the backline Gleeson will really start to come into his own (ditto Francis for that matter).

Hartley will not get exposed as much on the lead or with his opponent out the back of him either.

As it stands we rarely seem able to force the opposition into switching across the ground or kicking long out of defense or kicking long into their forward line. This really stood out in the dogs and crows games where both teams were able to waltz straight out of defense by picking free and easy targets across the defensive side of centre and then ran the overlap from there.

It’s been noticeable in our best games that we have been able to effectively and consistently prevent this.

Our small forwards are pretty good at applying pressure but our mid are hopeless at denying easy short options for the most part which really undermines a lot of the good work that tippa etc do.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that getting most of the snails out of the midfield will substantially improve our ability to defend the ground properly.


… high?


Marty is sneaking under the radar. he is one of the top intercept markers in the comp. I saw a stat where he is in McGovern, Carlisle territory in this stat. .

However, its pretty clear he is down in the area of intercepts from one on ones and ground balls. and probably will be until he bulks up, if he ever does.

Overall the league leader in intercept possessions is Lever, hence the multiplicity of clubs all in a later to get him…


Until A Francis starts playing consistent senior footy.


Marty signed autographs and took photos after training today. Seriously one of the nicest people I’ve met - very friendly.

Always liked him but will now be cheering a bit more enthusiastically for him during the games.


Marty is trying his guts out today.

Poor guy - sometimes looks like the weight of the world on his shoulders.


He’s been our best player.


Can hold his head high today.

Seriously great performance from him today and I’d say the best game I have seen him play as a Bomber.

Really stepped up in the absence of about 18-20 other players today.


By a mile.


Redeemed himself for the north final.


Well done Marty.


onya marty party.

if only a few of your mates had your determination yesterday. oh well.


The lightest bloke in the team the only one who looked able to stand against the tide.

An excellent final game in a very good year from him.

Stick that up ya, all you doubters. And take heed for the other kids you write off week to week.