#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Absolutely spot on.


Had a good game. Was one of the few who seemed to be able to play his natural game. Then again the ball spent so much time in the Sydney forward line that he was going to get a few touches.
Marty had a good year and by the second half of the year was part of the first 18 picked. His only issue is that he isn’t going to win body on body strength contests. But he seems smart enough to get around that issue in general.


Had a decent game. Should head into next year with confidence.


I felt like he was one of a only a few who actually played our brand of footy - ran hard, took risks, played on quickly and tried to take them on through the corridor. ■■■■■■ great effort, Marty.


Every couple of weeks Gleeson cops a ‘don’t argue’ from a first year player.


Jebus second look at that the St Kilda game this weekend and he was owning anything that went near him. If he gets another 5kg on him he’ll be pretty hard to get past


Will be a Woosh favourite, and been spoken of post season by him.

Was dropped to go and work on what the coaches wanted. Did it. Came back and executed it at senior level including under serious heat in a final.

Will be a team mainstay. Should be able to continue to play like Mackie did for Cats even with 3kpd in side at times, or as 3rd tall himself.

I’m sorry for doubting you Marty party.


Agreed, SG. He executed it perfectly - one of the most improved players in the backhalf of the year. I think he’ll work fantastically with Saad, McKenna and Gleeson as a 3rd option.


I effectively see Gleeson as the one replacing Kelly.

Saad replacing McGrath as the 2nd small defender/fast rebounder.

Francis/Ridley to potentially knock out Ambrose or Hartley depending on opposition matchups.


He’s 23. I doubt he is going to put on another 5kgs. He’s the thin wiry type of build. It’s not going to change.


Wait til he’s 35.


I could give him a few tips if he needs it.


The end of year cannon - who should be fired into the sun?

Love this guy.
Can never understand why he cops such a lot of crap from supporters.
Any team would love to have him.


Great highlights. Good hands, agile & brave. Have always liked him & think he’ll just get better & better.


He’s our Dean Laidley.
He won’t put on much more size, but he’ll get a bit stronger.

His decision making improved considerably this year, so he’s a farking lock at his height/agility.


And his kicking…


Owned half a footy field that St Kilda game. That was crazy elite ■■■■ right there


And the aerial stuff, especially marking. Wow