#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Have loved him since his first year when he’s had the dare to try and attack off half back as a skinny weed of a thing (now a slightly less skinny weed of a thing)
Don’t mind the odd turnover as this will improve as his confidence builds.
Backs into packs like a boss. Brass nuts this kid


Heppell really ruins that highlight reel near the end…




Hearty Marty.


Yep, a bitter end to an otherwise impressive video to watch


…yep, a bitter end to an otherwise impressive season to watch


Great season from Marty (particularly the 2nd half).

I just had a quick look at his stats:

  • kicks - 2nd best defender behind Hurls
  • contested marks - equal best defender with Hurls
  • Intercept possessions - 2nd behind Hurls
  • R50s - 3rd behind Hurley and McKenna (just)
  • I50s - 2nd behind McKenna
  • DE% - 3rd behind Hartley and Bags

The one black mark - frees against. He (and Hartley and Bags) infringe twice as frequently as Hurls, 3 times as often as Ambo and 5 times as often as McGrath!


That McGrath kid is so freakin’ polite.


l wonder how many of those frees are holding the ball, incorrect disposal from taking on the tackler. Gleeson gets pinged where Ambo just breaks the tackles and McGrath turns on his jets and burns off the opposition with pure pace.


In fairness, you have to be in the rough vicinity of your opponent to infringe against them.


Marty seems to have that rare skill to float across the front of packs to take intercept marks. Tbh, that is better for us and him than risking anihilation in a pack trying to spoil. I would not be surprised if marty was no 1 in our team for intercept marks.


If fortune truly favours the brave then this lad is going to have a massive 2018.


I reckon people underestimate how quick his top end speed is. When he gets going he really flys.


takes ages to get there though.


His acceleration isn’t great but it’s sufficient for the role he plays


Watch his 2017 highlights on youtube. Kid is a star. Will push Hurley for AA in 2018. Overhead marking. Intercept. Courage. Reads the play. Credit to him.


Still cannot believe that he did not get a free on the goal line in the game against the Swans.

Blatant free, did the right thing and won front position only for ■■■■■■■ Rohan to pick him up and throw him out of the way and take a simple uncontested chest mark because he had blatantly infringed against his direct opponent.

■■■■ weak ■■■■■■■ umpire swallowed his ■■■■■■■ whistle because he was too ■■■■■■■ soft to cop some boos from some braindead Swans fans who don’t even know the ■■■■■■■ rules.


the two hands in tbell’s back was arguably worse


I reckon Marty would be a great forward…


Cmon mate. Let’s not go full retard. Gleeson is a decent, solid player. He’s absolutely nowhere near AA level