#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Why d you hate essendon so much?


You do realise young players typically get better each year, right?


You do realise how good hurley actually is?


That’s fine. He is absolutely nowhere near AA level though


Not just AA. All-Australian Centre Half Back no less




Just the beginning for this lad. AA within 2-3 years. Very few flaws.


He just needs to put on a few more kilos. He has a similar body to his uncle who played for Carlton.


AA is a huge call. Personally I don’t see it.

He’s an in between size that’s not going to be considered for a key position/3rd tall nor the running HBF type (that racks up high possessions)

3rd tall versus - McGovern, Lever, Howe (& Hurley likely given role change)

Running HBF - Hibberd, Docherty, Laird

Gleeson a big improver & a good player but chances of AA are very very unlikely IMO


Think people are overrating Gleeson a bit at the moment simply because of the great finals game he played. For me he is borderline best 22 right now, let alone a future AA.


Yep. I personally don’t understand the love.
He had a good patch towards the end of the year, but he’s had good patches before and never gone on with it.
He’s also been dropped in each of the last 2 seasons.


They said the same about Inspector Gadget. And that’s the way Marty is headed now, mmw.

I’ve been a fan of Marty’s since Day 1 : I’m delighted to see so many others have joined up. Sorry for the few remaining doubters and begrudgers. There’s so much fun they’re missing with Gleeson.


I love watching this bloke. About 5 years ago I spotted skinny him playing against Williamstown in the VFL and he looked so smooth; seemed to be playing forward/outside mid, took a good mark and then fuzzed the kick at goal. I felt he was better than that and he is now. Marty reminds me of Blake Caracella…


I’m almost 100% sure Gleeson will have a better 2018 season than Docherty (but also I agree with your point).


Gleeson is our Andrew Mackie.
And Mackie was integral to Geelong’s backline when they were at their peak.


This is blitz. You’re either in the reserves or AA. There is no in between.



For mine, Gleeson well and truly entrenched himself in the best 22 last season.

He isn’t a superstar by any means (maybe he can be? Who knows?) but I think he is an integral part of our backline structure now.

His intercepting and rebounding was so important to us last season.


Just chewing through the AFL prospectus and came across this stunning stat.

Gleeson won 45% of his one on ones, ranked number 1 in the league for players who competed in 40 one on ones or more (a pool of 56).


Wow… that is amazing.
Is there anywhere to indicate how many he lost and how many he squared? I’d be curious to see if he lost a high percentage as well and had a low percentage squared


He loses 32.6 % of contests, slightly above league average for general defenders of 31. He makes 3 spoils a game, above average of 2