#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Mah boy xx


How does Saad, McKenna, Baguley and Gleeson all fit into the back 6…

Suspect McKenna will be playing lots of midfield time in 2018.

Big fan of Gleeson and a good example of why we should be more patient with Langford and Laverde.


and his form so far this preseason looks to be brilliant. He’s also taller, fitter and stronger. Go Marty!


Taller? He’s 23


Go and stand next to him. You would be surprised how big he is now.


I’ve never stood next to him before so i’ve got nothing to compare to :grinning:.
He definitely seems to have bulked up a bit though. Be interesting to see how it translates. I’m still yet to be convinced about him


Unfortunately one contest will stuck in people’s minds for obvious reasons. Have to admit that stat is mighty surprising though. He’s become such a good intercept mark who can come off his man, but I wouldn’t have picked one on one’s to be a real strength to his game at this stage.


They all fit into my best 22 easily with 2 KPD. Even if you choose to have 3 KPD in Hurley, Ambrose and Hartley then you simply have one on the bench.


Always having one on the bench, they run hard and at high intensity. We most likely will also play a back 7.


I agree with the back 7 concept. But BJ is also likely in there…

I actually think with Saad and Gleesons 1on1 defensive skills being underrated a lot of people will be surprised if Baguley loses his spot. They simply don’t all fit. In addition to those McG may play small game time back there (although unlikely) and McNiece is coming on nicely. There is also the hyped up Ridley. Competition for General defender spots is actually probably our hottest contested.




We still played the back 7 defenders this year at times (Kelly 7th) + Goddard as a mid.

If McGrath moving to midfield then Saad takes his spot. So nothing changes that much, one less actually so can fit all in easily.


Yes they do all fit.

And No, Baguley’s defensive skills are on a different level to anybody else’s on the list bar McGrath and Ambrose.


I guess he looks a bit like one, but I wouldn’t say spitting image!


Please don’t be too bad, please be an ankle :weary:






Looks like an Achilles.

■■■■ pointless pre season games!


He was playing so well!! Hopefully Not a season ender.


Jeezuz - well if its an achilles, that could almost be the season. Had a few friends do their achilles over the past year, and its usually moon boot for 10-12 weeks, followed by 6-8 weeks rehab before very limited running after that. Ergo - season done. Really really hope not. Underrated player who’ll be missed this year.


That what it looked like on the TV to me. Landed flat footed with his weight sort of forward and immediately grabbed for the back of his ankle as he went down.
He looked absolutely gutted being carried off.