#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Did not look good at all and he was excellent for us early in game. His intercepting so important.

Achilles will be worst result. Broken bone prob 2nd worst. Bad ankle tweak I’m hoping it is


Woosha: “Gleeson has rolled his ankle, we don’t know how bad it - we will have to see but he does have a few weeks.”


If it is an achilles, The Langford may have just found his chance.


Praying its just a rolled ankle


He is a massive loss.

Nobody else is marking the ball like Marty in that backline.



I like to trust and believe Woosha. But I just can’t at this stage. I’m Australia’s expert in ‘rolled ankles’, having done mine 432 times in the past 15 years and it was not a rolled ankle. It could be a significant sprain (3-4wks) or break. (6-8 wks). I didn’t see enough footage - was his foot flopping about? Could he put any weight on it?


No chance there

It’d be Dea initially or if Ridley gets a solid enough block of training in post injury he’d be in IMO

But here’s hoping Gleeson is ok


John Worsfold says Marty Gleeson has a rolled ankle. Not Achilles issues, so sigh of relief. Zaka just a kick to the side of his leg. Hurley got a kick to the leg too. So all good there


If it was just some bad corkeys and a rolled ankle that would be brilliant


Hopefully it’s not serious. But could be a chance for Ridley.


Matt Dea gets the nod if Gleeson doesnt come up.


If he is out for a few, he can work further on those guns.


I can’t imagine Ridley would be anywhere near after his preseason.

Second half of the year maybe.


It’s a shame Francis isn’t ready to roll. Could be the making of him.


If Gleeson somehow doesn’t come up it’d have to be Dea who comes in


Blokes don’t actually stop completely growing until they’re 25 they say. And the odd one can have a growth spurt (height wise) quite late.


I reckon we just refuse to play Geelong in pre-season games.

At least Laverde wasn’t available to be injured again.


It didn’t look like an ankle roll… If that is the end case it’s amazing news.


It actually got shown at one point very clearly to be an ankle roll.


Nothings very clear on an iPhone 5 with the AFL app.