#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Hope he’s alright. He’s fairly important to our structure, and quite a handy player.


You are right. Just watched the replay on the AFL app. Had to watch the clip a couple of times but it was an ankle. (looked worst lice but I guess that was because of his reaction).

The ankle rolled outwards instead of inwards which is why it would have been a lot more painful.


If Gleeson is out for any kind of extended period, and Francis is out indefinitely, it is hard to see how they couldn’t send Hooker back. We need a strong intercept mark, and Gleeson is ■■■■■■ good at this. There isn’t really any other defenders beside Hooker, Francis or Dea that can replace that role. I like Dea, but I don’t think his kicking is good enough to be THE solution for an extended period


We’ll probably play Ridley whose intercept marking was a strength at U18 level.


And kicking is sublime


Gleeson was playing well, the injurys dissapointing, hope its not too bad.


Let’s be clear.
Anyone that calls Gleeson by ‘Marty Party’… should be banned from this forum.


Ridley looks like he will probably be a good player. But he hasn’t played a senior game. He isn’t the answer as the main intercept mark for an aspiring top 4 team. And his skinny frame will take a beating if he is the one to consistently back into a gap.
Please send Hooker back! He was great up for and last year, but with Stewart’s improvement and Stringer’s arrival, he has to be the one to replace Marty


He’s probably got more size than Gleeson already

They aren’t sending Hooker back as cover for a Marty so forget that idea. We’ve got plenty of others there like Dea, Goddard, Ridley if he’s fit enough to do so & Redman.

Brown whilst he plays different role also will be due to be back in and he’s good at intercept game


Actually sort of forgot about Brown. Is he injured though? Any chance of being fit for round 1?


Slight adductor strain in JLT1. So I assume should be fine for rd1.


I would have thought Hooker would replace Ambrose if he were sent back.

Dea for Gleeson probably


It’s amazing what happens in 12 months. If this had happened this time last year the majority of us would be thinking he was replaceable. Not anymore.


Gleeson is a big loss and Francis just blew his biggest opportunity. I’d play Brown next, then Dea, if both them are down Ridley. If we are getting desperate, throw Lang or Lav back there.


Enter the Berzerker


Maybe we pick someone who can defend one on one


Dea will get the gig I think.


Dea is the absolute perfect replacement. Hope Gleeson is okay for round 1