#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Terrific at getting the ball and stopping his man but terrible decision maker and user of the footy.

I want to see him in our side but it’s hard when he turns it over so much.


I agree here. I don’t think Dea is best 22 - can never fault his application or endeavour but…


Seeing that Gleeson played as the third tall today, considering Ambrose’s struggles with the umpires, it gotta to be Hartley or Brown who come in for at least round 1.


Brown is the most logical replacement if he’s fit surely.


I think Brown if he is fit gets a gig while Marty is down.

It is very frustrating relying on Ambrose and Hartley to control the likes of Hawkins and Tex (is Tex fit for round 1?), with Hooker in the team, but with Brown at least you could rotate him forward if that happens, make Ambrose 3rd tall and let Hooker and Hurley take care of the big boys, unless Ambrose is up to negating one of them, then let Hurley loose as a less accountable 3rd tall picking up possessions at will.




May be a little worse than a rolled ankle, AFL match report is using the ‘Achilles’ word.

Here’s hoping for the very best for Marty.


Time to change title? Marty RIPpin Gleeson!


Surely you’re not suggesting we drop Ambrose for Rd.1 ?
Perfect opponent to run with Lynch I would have thought.


Dea the replacement. End of discussion.


Gleeson’s disposal and decision making isn’t elite either.


I’m leaning towards Brown. Better intercept player, more attacking than Dea. Better as a 3rd tall option. Covers Gleeson’s role the best.

Would far prefer Francis, but alas the kid is on a journey and hopefully is back soon.


I love this but it’s so mean but I do love it


You think the whinging about Joe’s thread was bad…


When did we trade Gleeson to Geelong? Age thinks we have.



12-14 weeks. ■■■■!


Faaaaaaaark. Poor bloke. Fracture + dislocation. Ouch!


It’s crap when it happens through a very straightforward passage of play. Doing his job with a basic jump into a pack and an unlucky fall the wrong way. Best to Marty for a full recovery.


Big loss.