#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


On SEN they confirmed he fractured his ankle… Going in for surgery today. 12-14 weeks.


Massive loss.

As important to our backline as anyone is.

Dissapointing. Brown is the logical replacement. Goddard will play back more now for sure too.




That hurts, he was killing it yesterday.
Cue Hooker debate in 4,3,2,1.




We took 13 intercept marks yesterday. Gleeson took close to 40% of them. Game high. More than doubled any other player,


Agree, we have one other dude capable of that and we need him up forward.


We have one more, but he’s on medical leave.

I’d love to see Francis come back and take that spot… seems so far away though


His ability to read the ball and intercept mark is excellent. With Hooker going forward Gleeson was able to step into that role. 12-14 weeks gives someone a real opportunity to step up and cement their place.


Speedy recovery Marty. We are going to miss you terribly.


This is a blow to the defence but if we can find a player before Gleeson comes back after the mid season break than it could turn into a bonus.

The possible replacements as I see it are:


Mitch Brown (if fit)
Matt Dea
Michael Hartley

Take a risk:

Kyle Langford
Jordan Ridley
Mason Redman
Brandon Zerk-Thatcher
Matt Guelfi

Fingers crossed:

Aaron Francis

I would love to take a risk with one of the younger defenders…if one turns out to be good than we have struck gold.


The injury list already is very concerning and the season hasn’t started yet.

Hopefully not one of those seasons…


Brown or Dea enter


All due respect to Marty and I hope he has a speedy recovery. But he does have his weaknesses. Dea probably has him covered as a lock down type. Brown when fit is also a very good intercept player. All three are not the best ball users though. Butt… Riddles is

I do think Riddles should be considered though perhaps not right away but if he has a couple of good VFL games bring him in.

Would love to see Frances come back and fill the void but cant see that happening any time soon.


I would have Ridley top of the list. He’s smooooth.


Lot of talk of dea or brown to replace Gleeson.

I’d throw Heppell back there…

Round 1 team vs crows, will need three tall defenders.

Baguley ambrose Hartley
Heppell Hurley saad
Mcgrath Merrett mckenna
Walla Daniher stringer
Green hooker Stewart
Belly Smith Parish

Zaharkis Myers Goddard begley

Orazio to replace green if ready

20+ point win coming up!


Because we’ve got so many other clearance mids!


Not the worst idea as he plays good footy sweeping across the back half but out of all our mids, Heppelll & Belly had the best connection in the centre. Hepp also showed he was increasingly willing to scrap at the bottom of the back for the hard ball alongside Myers as one of our ‘bigger’ bodies.

For me personally it would be hard to lose what little of the above scrap and ruck-connect we have in the centre.


Hey he’s great over head, and can read the play. Not afraid to take the kick in board to open the play right up and he can direct traffic.

Bit like a hodge style role, and can have stints in the middle.

Have enough guys to go through middle now


All capable


I find Matt Dea hella uninspiring. Reasonably competent, but zzzzz.
He’s on the list to be Gleeson coverage, but at this point I’d rather us aim to develop something good (in the form of Ridley or Mutch or Redman) than settle for something reasonably competent.