#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


It’s our weak point even at full strength.

If it were a one week thing… eeehhhh maybe. But we really only have 3-4 legit, proven clearance mids; we cannot afford to move one of them as a medium term move.


I think Reboot suggested Langford play half back even before Marty’s injury, really starting to warm to that idea.


I’d suggest Bj will now play predominantly back. Shame Francis isn’t around because it’s an obvious opportunity and unfortunately Ridley is not yet match fit.

Bags may well come in, brown or dea I guess. My problem with dea is decision making which is crucial playing across the half back.


Another one gone for the season


That’s the reality sadly given the length of time it will take him to get back up to speed.


I’m devastated by this news.


Youd assume a defender , any defender has a better chance of winning that stat.

Just like youd assume gleesons clearances would be equal botrom.


Bummer, really feel for the bloke. His intercept work is going to be missed.


Interesting how a player some didn’t rate as best 22 is now seeming hard to replace, and a serious blow.

Ridley is the obvious development for mine.
Mobile, can play on small and third tall, good overhead and clean at ground level, uses the ball by foot effectively, especially in the switch of play.

The other options - Brown, Dea, Redman ( and the perennial red herring of Hooker) can do some of that, but have serious weaknesses in other areas.
Brown (Hooker) - mobility and playing on smalls
Dea - disposal and spreading the play
Redman - needs to improve overhead, but ok otherwise.

I’ll take the Ridley stuff off to the Ridley thread.
Best of luck Marty


Ridley or Francis might get their chance throughout the season, but I’d say Goddard will be permanently playing in defense this season.


Bring on The Langford!


Just imagine how much muscle Marty can build during his rehab.

Gonna be massive.


Essendon confirmed on Monday that Gleeson will miss a large chunk of the season and will require surgery.
“Marty suffered a major fracture to the front of the talus and a minor dislocation to the subtalar joint in his foot,” said Essendon’s football general manager Dan Richardson in a club statement.
“While this is an uncommon injury, we are fortunate he in the safe hands of our medical team and Mr Andrew Oppy who will conduct the surgery this morning.
“We expect Marty to be sidelined for 12-14 weeks, but through a successful rehabilitation program we believe he could be in a position to return after the bye.”


Langford? Give me a fkn spell




Was looking really good and then that happens.

Sucks for Marty and sucks for us.

Dea should replace him


Franga really let this opportunity slip. Bugger.


Rolled ankle = broken bone and a dislocation. Typical Essendon.


I’ve been a big fan since Marty’s 1st year. Love how he plays but good teams can cover the injuries we have so far. To cover Marty we need both the speed of Redman and the intercept marking capability of Ridley.

I suggest we make an application to the AFL to allow us to play both of them as replacements, so that like our opposition we also have 19 players on the ground.


Let’s see just how flexible Woosha can be, when he has to be or could be.

An opportunity for someone else to show their hand.