#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Massive blow for the side, he was really starting to develop a solid game, good intercepts, bit of dash. Not easily replaced. I hope they are cautious with his recovery as an ankle like this may cause issues with other parts of the body, better for him to get back for a long career rather than rushed and do more injuries.

I think Brown is the obvious choice, I would like to see Redman have a run at some point.


They will start with Dea.
But creative coaching will be required if Dea doesnt work out.

His decision making can be dodge so lets hope he can somehow be solid.


It’ll be dea or brown and I’m confident in both. Talk of Ridley or redman off no JLT games and with how raw both are is pretty optimistic


Brown and Dea are obvious replacements, and both have upsides and downsides. I think Dea is a better defender and marker, but Brown is probably better at finding ball and distributing. I reckon as soon as Ridley is fit he and ready he’s straight in.


Agree, we are scraping the bottom of the barrel if we have to play them (Redman or Ridley) before form demands it from the VFL.

But I think we have to find out about Redman at some point this year and Ridley has had fork in the VFL to warrant a run at some point this year.


It’s going to be Ridley or hooker back imo. Long term wise it’s a great opportunity for Ridley to transition into the team, and having hooker back will force us to figure out how to structure our forwardline in a post-hooker Essendon.

It’s a great opportunity for learning


A serious club would have performed that surgery 12 weeks ago.


For mine Dea is the replacement, but on the other hand i’d love to see Ridley and/or Redman get their chance


I’d just like to see Goddard and Redman playing next to each other.


Dea is the obvious replacement.

Brown can’t string 2 games together without breaking down.

At least Dea is durable.

Long term Ridley however.


Ambrose isn’t big enough against the big forwards like Hawing, Jacobs, Walker and Franklin. 193cm tall isn’t tall enough for a key position player on the backline. Brown is bigger and can play either end of the ground if required. Hartley is the biggest disappointment after his excellent 2016 season. He has the height and weight to match it with the big boys. Pity, as we need a player of his size down back if Hooker is going to play forward.


That’s it.


Problem fixed.


Oh good. Will do his confidence a world of good.


if langford ever plays as a backman, his career at essendon is finished


Neither Brown or Dea seem like the play maker that Gleeson can be. We need someone more creative than those two.


Which is where Ridley ends up. Or Francis. If they were fit.




Ah yes, for those penetrating kicks out of the backline.


More I think about it will be Bj in the immediate term imo


Very bad luck. Was really coming on & reality is that his season is very compromised now having to miss such a large portion of the season. I think Dea will probably get a chance unless the club want to go with Goddard as the replacement and somehow fill Goddard’s role around the middle. Not ideal but an opportunity opens up for someone.