#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


At least one positive is we see a lot of love for Marty in here. The guy’s been tracking upwards for some time but was still regularly bemoaned by Blitz even last season. He’s a valuable asset to the team for sure.


FFS fracture and dislocation. That sucks big time.




Has to be asked, Marty’s shocking injury, Danger hammy, and what could be a significant calf for Stanley, was the ground up to spec? Big price to pay for both clubs and all three were the definition of innocuous to the naked eye.


Get well soon Marty. Great bloke and a top intercept mark. Ask Roo last year when we flogged the 'Aints by 10 goals.

At least the Gleeson haters will leave you alone. Dipshits.


Ground was in cracking condition. Unlikely to be a causative factor.


Good to hear but I wonder about what lies beneath the nice grass. Ankles don’t often shatter landing from a medium height. Must’ve been a very unfortunate angle.


I went onto the ground and the only defect I spotted was a small green-painted sandpit in the centre circle (which admittedly is not a great location for that!)

It’s not good for spectators due to its height, and a push to someone running out of bounds could be dangerous despite the large distance between boundary and fence, but the surface was very good.


Big loss. He was becoming a gun.

Very happy though that Matty Dea will get another chance. I think he’s an underrated footballer. I always feel very comfortable when the ball is in his hand (maybe this confidence is misplaced, but I like the guy). He’s now got a huge chance to cement his best 22 spot going forward.


For the confusion in the commentary teams?


I don’t get this. Everyone on this site has spent 6 months whinging about inside midfielders… now you want to move our 1 good inside mid? You’ve lost me.


Didn’t Shaun Rehn get a 6 figure payout for doing his knee on something like that?


Wasn’t that disc that the afl put on the ground for the umpires to bounce on?


I thought it was slightly embedded - cover over a sprinkler or something?


12-14 weeks then probably has to play 2-3 games in the VFL to get the fitnees back up.

Wouldn’t be surprised at all if he misses the season.


I really don’t get the love affair with Heppell at HBF. He’s a fkn mid. He’s a good mid. We need miss. His marking isn’t that great like some are saying (although he does seem to have a knack at positioning himself well), his kicking is neat and tidy at best, and he lacks a yard of zip and pace that Gleeson has.


Also I reckon Dea’s kicking gets a bad wrap. Just because he’s that unglamorous hard nut sort of player doesn’t mean he’s Kyle Hardingham. I wouldn’t have his kicking as any worse than Heppell’s.


Who was defending Menzel when he kicked his 4 goals ?


I think he’d be a very good half back. He’s too smart not to be.
But he is a very good mid. And we have 10x more need for mids than medium sized backs.



Which may well open up the door for Langford to come in to play as a mid also.