#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


I haven’t seen Goddard play any significant midfield time lately. When he’s on the ground it’s the back half anyway


He’s not been a designated back 6 player or even 7th defender (Kelly) though off bench.

More the mid/wing who sets up on the defensive side of square / gets back to help the defence.


I think it was mcniece which was a terrible match up considering he was giving up at least half a foot. Gleek and bj may also have spent some time in him


Really??? Not sure if that was appropriate in front of so many people.


clearly some pretty close checking defense going on.


Oops, I leave that typo tough


JLT matches against Geelong in the last year have resulted in rare ankle injuries to Laverde and Gleeson - Please give Geelong a miss in next year’s JLT.


One of the knocks on him is indecision with his disposal once he gets the ball. It would allow the opposition to set up their defence too easily.


He is a massive loss. We have many players that can make a moment their own which results in a goal but not many that stop scores and momentum. Gleeson is one of very few in our team.


Jeez, I must watch a different person wearning No 8 then.


foz is talking about langford, and why he cant play HB


I think he was talking about Langford.


It was Langford.


For a midfielder, Hep is a very good mark. Always makes a contest too, and has good courage in the air.


Was playing his best footy like he was vs Sydney, feel for him.

I choose to see the positive, that he can add even more weight to his arms now in the gym

he’s moved from foetus to teenager, maybe get him to man size by the bye and afl size by 2019.


Gutsy player for a skinny bloke!I I’m shattered to see him out.
I wish him well for a quick and successful recovery.


I presume it’s what they call a talar dome fracture.
When I did placement at the Circus school last year every second kid had them and they all happened doing tumbling/somersaults (iirc most common mechanism was coming up short on a backwards somersault).
In other words; as much about angle/direction of force as the amount.


What would be the prognosis if that were the case?


With the surgery and dislocation I doubt he’d be fully weight bearing before 6-8 weeks in a best case scenario.
Any break or fracture to a load bearing bone is basically an automatic 2 months before it is fully healed (in a healthy, young person with no complications)


Ridley wasn’t taking intercept marks at VFL level. What makes people think he can turn on this part of his game at AFL level, on the back of an interrupted preseason? At the moment he is winning a very high proportion of his possessions on the outside and needs to develop his contested game.