#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Ridley off the back of a serious injury performed well at VFL level on return but is getting a little hyped in my opinion.

He’s still a fair way off being a consistent performer at AFL level.


Because it was what he was known for at U18 level. That and really good disposal.


Watching Dea and Brown fumble or kick it straight to the opposition every disposal makes me realise how much we are going to miss Gleeson :disappointed_relieved:


Yep. Marty is sorely missed.

There are a great many misinformed propagating the myth that Marty can’t put on weight. On the proviso that the club listed player stats are correct:

Marty is currently 191-cm tall and weighs 86-kilos. When Marty joined Essendon in late 2012 he was 186-cm tall and 70-kilos, That’s a 22.857 per cent increase in body weight over 5 years. Given that Marty’s only 23-years and 7 months old and hopefully has many years left playing footy, if he keeps up his current rate of weight gain he’ll weigh 115-kilos at age 29,. Which is about the same weight as most Blitzers.

Mathematicians may argue my percentages and projections, but the fact is - Marty has grown 5-centimetres and put on 16-kilos while he has been at Essendon. Go figure.


No wonder he is getting injured… they’ve bulked him up too much.


Good points. Furthermore, at his current rate of development he will also be 197cm (to go with the 115 kg) at age 29. This will make him very hard to match up on.

If he plays to the same age as Fletch, he will be a monster.

I cant wait.


Hmm, 197 -cm and 115kg. I’d be questioning his Body Mass Index.
Then again - Tom Hawkins 198-cm and 110-kg.


Well Blitz is always desperate for a back capable of playing on monster forwards.
Who would have thought Marty will be the solution?


You need to remember that body volume increases at roughly cubed the height difference.

So volume up 8%, and “real” mass improvement is only 13% per volume.


If you weren’t paying attention to the VFL game: still in moon boot and on crutches.


Decent indication of Marty’s qualities that he’s been at the VFL for all 3 games so far, including in the howling wind and rain at Willy last week, on crutches. In the rooms talking to the boys, helping and encouraging.


Pretty poor though that he’s not posting on blitz to take some pressure off @theDJR. Especially at Willy


Leave DJR’s willy out of this


didn’t realise how important this bloke was for us until he got injured.


@theDJR is injured?


Everyone was too busy saying how he needed to eat all day while clapping each other on the back at their wit.


Saw the poor guy on Saturday at Vic Park.

Had smile on his face but the novelty of a moon boot must have worn off a long time ago.

He’s a quality person & will come back bigger & better


Just wondering what he would be doing about now??

I guess he’d be doing as many weights as he can while sidelined, and anything possible to keep cardio up.

Swimming,… exercise bike yet??




Ordering nuggets?