#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020




Hope he does what Hird did when he had his foot injuries. Hird famously trained on his knees, bouncing a ball of a wall to improve his ball handling skills, and also to predict how the ball would bounce.


Makes sense, … he was Our Don Bradman, … :smirk:


Just from efc footage I have seen him on medicine ball doing handball drills. Maintaining touch and increasing strength are a given. The real test will be jumping and landing, he’s fearless in the air and I hope he doesn’t lose it.


So Gleeson has today been placed on the long term injury list.

Seeing as we can promote rookies at any time these days without someone on the LTI, what purpose does this serve?
And why the ■■■■ wouldn’t we have done it when he first got injured?

These seemingly minor simple little things continue to be handled extremely weirdly (that’s the nicest term i can think of) by the club and just give more ammo to think the club is actually clueless


rookie B list still requires LTI and elevation
This can only mean… NEW LAV


You’d assume this was done before Begley got injured with the intention of McNeice playing soon and is only being announced today.

And assuming McNeice is still on the rookie list as a cat b?


This can be the only logical explanation


There was some conjecture about it last year. He got a contract extension, but it was unclear whether it was onto the rookie list, or to continue on the rookie B list. If he’s on the B list, then we have one less rookie than we’re allowed, which would be very strange.

Edit: but we did officially pass during the rookie draft, so maybe he is rookie B and we just decided there wasn’t a single person in the country worth putting on the rookie list for a year.


So it’s probably more likely that we lost the notification form back in February.


I’ll also note for what It’s worth that the minimum LTI period is now 6 weeks rather than 8.


Wasn’t McNiece put on the main (non-Cat B) rookie list?


I thought Catherine or Paul confirmed it.


McNiece is marked as a Cat A rookie in my AFL Record Complete Guide to 2018. “eligible for AFL selection”

Lavender is our only Cat B - “only eligible for AFL selection as LTI replacement”


Really miss his marking ability down back, Harts is nowhere near him.


just noticed he is out of contract at the end of the year. Anyone heard anything about him re-signing?


Marty is an integral part of both our plans and our game. He won’t be going anywhere.


good to hear


My boy


He’s our best defender.