#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Anyone know when he is expected back. We need him badly.


6-7 weeks, so late June


His season is a write off wouldn’t even bother trying to get him back get him cherry ripe for next season.


You can be the one to tell him that he’s wasted his year and put his body on the line for nothing then


Absence makes the heart grow fonder


What is the normal time frame for these injuries?

It sounds like to me we won’t see him again this year. Very disappointing seeing as though he was originally scheduled for around the bye or just after


The game has flipped. Whereas the defenders used to hunt the forwards, the forwards now hunt the defenders

Our new game plan uses the mids and forwards to hold the ball in the forward half. Likewise our defenders need to be able to deal with high pressure forwards, key forwards that bring the ball to ground. Chaos ball situations with lots of crunching tackles.

Is Marty in this mould? Can he reinvent himself to deal with this new style of forward play.? A player like Redman appears to be tougher and stronger and fast enough maybe to handle pressure forwards.

When Marty is ready to play, he will find that our game plan is totally different and players roles have changed.


The way we’re playing at the moment he would take Dea’s spot in a heartbeat.

Hurls is the one that doesn’t fit.


Marty doesn’t need to change. He’s perfect in a forward press to pick off quickly lobbed balls back to the centre. And he can run and create.


Well, if you believe the club (which of course no one actually does) he is about 4 or 5 weeks away from having a run.


And with Big Red on the rise, he becomes even more redundant in the backline, … however, … we are still in need of an Inside bull at clearances, and in his slightly slimmer guise, … may well have a better tank now than we are aware of … would be very nice if he did fit there … :thinking:


Hurley absolutely fits & is not even remotely redundant in backline.

Hooker & Hurley will be the main two. And everyone else will be fitting in around them.

It’s Ambrose & to a lesser extent Gleeson who is under pressure from Francis & Ridley. Hurley will go back to an accountable role but have 10x the attacking ability of Ambrose and Francis will be into the 3rd tall - intercept player spot.

This is how I expect things will look by years end for our back 6

B: Saad Hooker Francis
HB: Gleeson Hurley McKenna


Perhaps I should have said superfluous rather than redundant.

Surplus to needs, … Re Deployable maybe … :smirk:


As intercepmarking defenders probably Francis >Marty > Dea and Francis may cement his spot before Marty is ready.


Looks like a 2019 premiership defence.


B Saad Hooker Ridley
HB Francis Hurley McKenna

Gleeson to the wing.


Nah, … still reckon give him a run in the guts.

Might enthuse him to a whole new level of barging bullocking brilliance.


So Gleeson is still in the moon boot for another week and then have further xrays/MRI’s to see how well the bone has healed - Even if he gets the all clear he won’t be back until the last three or four weeks.


X Factor finals inclusion


Would be good if he does play a handful of games at the end of the season and start preparing himself for next season.