#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Sounds like 3 weeks out from m the end of the season they will set him for a film pre season. Gone for 2018


Muscle wastage after 2 months in a moon boot will be massive. He’s going to have a twig leg. That’s not something you can just start playing immediately, needs to build the strength and conditioning back in his legs. Will take time to get to top condition.


What a cruel blow that injury is. He was in good form and had a very good 2017 imo.
This season is just about a write-off. He will take a while to get strength and confidence back.
A good ‘recruit’ for 2019.


I take it you are still talking about Hurley as a mid.
He’s about as much chance as I am.


There literally is no one here that is a greater fan of Francis than I.
But to compare him, as talented as he is, to Gleeson at intercept marking - when Gleeson has shown at AFL level just what a great intercept mark he is - and Francis has basically not even started - is ridiculous.


I would like to challenge this statement as I believe it to be erroneous.



surely he can do some upper body work?


Worsfold loves him


As did Hird and Bomber. Kid is a ■■■■■■ good footballer.


I don’t reckon anyone doubts he has talent


We do have a lot of talent in the backline.

One of those cases where someone very talented is going to be pushed out.


One of my faves. Underrated as.


I don’t have a problem with your opinion. Its simply different to mine.


If anyone can play AFL with twig legs is the Gleek


His legs got a perfect 10 from Bruce MacAvaney, who didn’t even notice his intercept marking !


He’ll always be skinny, I think and have a baby face but his football really shot up a level last season and he was very reliable for us.
Hope he can get back to that standard when he returns - whenever that will be. Nasty injury.


They said 12-14 weeks for a return, must be getting close to training properly again?


Can’t believe he’s still in a moon boot! At least a month behind schedule.


I look fwd to the ensuing 3 weeks of how shitt our Club, Physio’s and Doctors are, … eventually resulting in defamation threats and other associated crap. :roll_eyes: