#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Why does the EFC social media team keep using the #martyparty?

It is soooo horrible


Because they are ■■■■ at their job.


Haha, I find it so hard to believe you’re not being sarcastic when I look at that grumpy Lisa avatar.


Stop trying to make “fresh” happen




^She doesn’t even go here!!


I didn’t realise all of our re-signing players were surfers fresh out of winning the Bells Easter Classic.





I think it’s wonderful.

*which may be because it upsets others


what? he also mentioned next year at least once. you don’t have to be very good at reading between the lines to read between the lines this time!


I wonder if he’s built up during his time off?


I am very pleased with this development, both for the player and the club.