#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Needs a minimum amount of games in VFL, and maximum amount of games in AFL.

But he’s been injured all year - so i guess he’ll be eligible for VFL.


read this. Then come back and tell me what it means :grin:



I think it depends on whether he has played any AFL games. So as long as he plays 1 VFL game and no AFL games before the finals he should be alright to play


In which case there is little point to it, except to get him in form before rejoining the AFL finals.


Marty still in the moonboot at Box Hill 24/6/2018


Perhaps we’ve determined that adding objects to his body is the only way he can bulk up?


“What’s this?”

“Cybernetic implant”

“What’s it for?”


“How does it work?”

“It works automatically, but you don’t need to worry about that. Just don’t draw attention to it.”

“… it itches”

“ ughhh… computer initiate shutdown of Gleeson, and move to storage.”


Like Ironman?


I expect to see Gleeson looking like the hulk from the waist up when I see him next.


Good luck with that.


Was our bench coach extraordinaire yesterday, while Zakka was up in the box.


I noticed that. Quarter time he came and put his arm around Laverde and gave him a good bit of encouragement. Seemed to work.


I noticed that too, good on him for getting involved & helping out


Great to see the senior players getting around the VFL team and actively helping as well.


Agree completely, though when it comes to watching I kind of expect everyone by default to get around the VFL. We’re all part of the same club, I think having AFL players/coaches/staff/board etc at VFL games wherever possible is a vital part of club culture, and obviously when it comes to watching development of young players and the like it’s important for the coaching and development/list groups. From the moment I first joined the board I started going to as many VFL games as possible, just a personal choice. Given my only job with the club these days is as VFL President I suppose I better show up now ha ha.

Marty is a good example of a guy who whether healthy or as recently injured gets to as many VFL games as he can, whether games are around the corner or in Frankston.


Are you going to buy him one of those blow up muscle suits like the hulk wears?



On the AFL website, the injury summary has Gleeson as 8 weeks away. Must have been a massive setback.


Credit Gallivant Photos.


Credit Gallivant Photos for cropping me out at the left, yes.