#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


Is it just me or does Marty actually look like an adult now, and not a 16 year old hoping the bouncer doesn’t notice his fake ID?


As many would know on this thread I’ve been critical of Gleeson and wanted Dea played ahead of him. That is because I don’t rate his one-on-one defending. At all.

But IMO Gleeson should be being prepared to take over Goddard’s role next year, which I think he could excel at. The loose defender/winger, who is third up and the distributes it out of the back half. I think Gleeson is very good as third man up interceptor, good speed, and good distributor. That role would play to all of his strengths, and let him avoid his weaknesses (which, as stated above, are IMO his actual 1:1 defending). And if he is forced into a 1:1, he’d likely be better than Goddard.

If we’re going to play the extra looser defender who doesn’t follow up the ground, then I think Gleeson should be prepared for it over preseason this year.


I think he’d be great in that role as well. But where does that leave Francis? Next in line, or do you see all of Franga, Gleeson, Hooker & Hurley in the back 6?


is he a chance to play in the vfl this year? i hope so.


Franga in, Hurley out.

Saad - Hooker - McG
Gleeson - Franga - Conor


Fighting for that role and as one of the two/three tall defenders, depending on the opposition team.

It depends on where Hooker plays. Most would know I’m a fan of him forward, in which case a Hurley/Francis combination as our main tall defenders sits well with me.

I’d have Saad & McKenna as locks. Dea, Redman, Guelfi and McNiece fighting over a defensive position. Hooker/Hurley/Francis over two tall positions. Ridley/Francis as third tall. And Francis/Ridley/Gleeson over the extra man/Goddard role.


Won’t happen.


Redman/Dea — Hooker — Francis

Saad — Hurley — McKenna — INT: Gleeson


Yeah I know. Kinda sucks.


Gleeson starts coaching the VFL team = we lose every game since?

(No, I don’t remember what week he started.)


He was coaching at Box Hill the last game we won, I guess it took a week for it all to fall into place


I’d move Conor onto the wing and have Gleeson and franga amalgamate into interception 2umvirate




Looking forward to getting Marty back in 2019.


I think the backline next year should be

Saad Hooker Gleeson
Francis Hurley McKenna

With Redman move to the midfield starting best 22.


Almost forgotten player, but one with a lot more talent than maybe his body previously allowed him to realise.

Recent photos of Marty show he has put on considerable upper body size. I am really looking forward to what he can bring in 2019


I like that Marty’s got Carlton heritage. And we’ve got him.


I think the backline next year should be

B bradbury weston heard
Hb Foulds Walsh Duckworth


How is his rehab going? Will he be starting PS with the rest of the boys or will he be in the modified group at the start?


Reflecting on the prospect of trading in Scully, our own Marty has had a longer than expected period in a moon boot.

He is in a good place and is running again after being treated very conservatively, for 26 weeks. Maybe they tried to bring Scully back too early?

Essendon footballer Martin Gleeson reflects on season-ending leg injury

  • Justine McCullagh-Beasy|37x37[
Justine McCullagh-Beasy


Latest News

UPBEAT: Koroit export Marty Gleeson remained involved at Essendon despite a serious injury wiping out his 2018 AFL season. Picture: AAP

Essendon footballer Marty Gleeson says he’s taken inspiration from successful comeback stories as he overcomes an injury which wiped out his entire 2018 season.

The Koroit export started running two weeks ago – some six months after suffering a serious lower leg injury during an AFL pre-season game in March.

Gleeson, 24, initially thought he’d rolled his ankle. The adrenaline numbed the pain despite breaking his foot and dislocating his ankle.

An initial 12-week timeline proved optimistic.

The running half-back flanker spent four months in a moon boot and is only now feeling comfortable running.

Gleeson said he “underestimated” the injury but was determined to take all precautions.

He knew a season on the sidelines would ultimately be the best result for his career.

“I wanted to make sure it healed because with your feet you hear a lot of horror stories about people not getting it right,” Gleeson told The Standard.

“I talked to a few people around the club and there’s a lot of guys – you probably wouldn’t realise (how many) – that have missed a season of footy. James Kelly when he was younger broke his leg playing for Geelong, ‘BJ’ (Brendon Goddard) did his knee one year and missed a whole year of footy.

“I also watched a lot of documentaries. I love US sports so I watched ones on guys from there that have had significant injuries or had different things happen to them on how they’ve come back. Watching them gives you a lot of hope.”

THE GAME: Essendon footballer Marty Gleeson hurt himself in a JLT Community Series match against Geelong in Colac in March. Picture: Wayne Ludbey

Gleeson, who has played 69 matches since he was drafted in 2012, remained upbeat despite the slow progress, hitting the gym and adding strength to his lean 191-centimetre frame.

“It was pretty slow. I probably underestimated the injury,” he said.

“The surgeon said to me I’d be in a boot for at least 12 weeks. I ended up being in the boot for close to 18 weeks.

“It was a pretty long time but I guess I had to get it right. It felt so weird walking around for the first time without the boot on. My leg felt so heavy…I almost kept falling over.”

“You have to get used to walking again and a big thing is getting your strength back in your calf.”

Gleeson admitted he had times where he lamented “woe is me” but the support of his Essendon teammates helped him.

HOME SWEET HOME: Marty Gleeson playing for Hampden league club Koroit in 2012.

“They gave me the opportunity to get away but I wanted to stay at the club,” he said.

“The boys started to play some good footy and I wanted to be there to support them.

“A lot of my good mates are at the footy club, so being around them everyday, there’s not many workplaces where you can do that.

“I still had a great year, a fun year, so I was pretty happy to stay around.”