#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


He looks fit as to me.


That’s almost a haiku.


Dimma Hardwick?
Certainly not Gavin Keane or David Starbuck.


Nor Ben Haynes.


Walla looks like a mudguts even when he’s in the middle of a game deep in footy season. Just how he’s built.


Man mountain


Surely he’s talking about Hocking.

Note: He was comparing Mynott (not Gleeson, even though it;s the Gleeson thread)


And surely I was being deliberately obtuse.


ah yes…I should have realised that :slight_smile:


I wasn’t overly happy about Crow’s comments about Gleeson.
I thought his ankle would have been fully recovered and he just needed to slowly build a new fitness base this pre season.
To hear that he still has “a few per cent” to go in terms of strength and function in his ankle is disappointing.
He is still not fully there.


yeah if i was Crowey id be giving Gleesons akle a real stern talking to about the standards this club has for ankles


He spent most of the year in a moonboot.

I don’t think he would get back to a 100% with a few weeks training.


The time spent in a moon boot was in excess of expectations. It was a major fracture with serious potential complications and a conservative approach is to be applauded. Its not like we are short of half backs.


I am disappointed with the non-disappointed attitude you’re showing here.





Shows the full extent of just how bad an injury Marty suffered. l am glad they are taking a conservative approach. Get it right, before building up.


Reminding myself on how bad it was: "A major fracture to the front of the talus and a minor dislocation to the subtalar joint in his foot,” Essendon football manager Dan Richardson said.

“While this is an uncommon injury, we are fortunate he is in the safe hands of our medical team and Mr Andrew Oppy who will conduct the surgery this morning."

Since an ankle would be full weight bearing you have to be right to get back up to normal loads. He may be behind the others by round 1 but if he is back to expected fitness by mid to late season then that’s fine longer term.


anyway - Marty is looking happy today


Smith: So I told them, look, no pressure or anything, but I’d really like #31.


His ankle is probably looking to peak come September