#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “absolutely stoked” to re-sign through to 2020


At the end of the day I don’t think he will but he wont be the same player and I’m a Marty Party fan.


He wont retire, but geez it musta been bad to not be fully training a year later

How far off is he?


Yeah the obvious time to retire would be after you’ve had all the time off, have done all the work and are on the verge of returning

Can you please edit your clueless panicked rants from now on? There’s a reason you got banned last time


Nino please!






He’s 24. Reckon he has a bit of time left to get himself right.


Nino pls




Surely Finding_Nino is a pisstake account trolling us all. It’s got to be somebody like Bomb_Doe or Wim or DJR taking the ■■■■. Nobody can consistently be that moronically and consistently gloomy when it comes to the team.


Same thing as Scully. And he has no return date penciled in. Marty will get there though.


I think my style of humour would stand out, if not my style of writing.


I don’t see you following Ricky Nixon et al on twitter either.


you have a style?



Fairybread pls.

You overestimate the general populace.




I’m not sure who said it, maybe Hemingway, something like ‘make the same literary mistakes often enough and you can call it your style.’

Edit: Point is, I’m pretty sure people could tell it was me.


then you clearly have style :slight_smile:


Would it still be a pisstake account if Nino was @alex.f.94 ?


No troll account here just a passionate Essendon man that wants to see them do well.