#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “stoked to be back”

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Back to Marty.
Some posters seem puzzled as to why different coaches have consistently picked him in their starting line ups.
I reckon it’s because of Marty’s strongest trait - between the ears.
He never seems to drop his bundle. He consistently tries to take the game on, as per the game plan (whatever that is at the time).
He doesn’t fall back on sideways/ backward meaningless possessions when the teams under the pump, which only makes things worse.
Yes, he can be beaten, but he always seems to shrug it off and be up for the next contest.

In a backman these are crucial attributes. It’s also an area where I’m hoping Conor, Saad, and Francis can also improve next year. (Too late for Hurls - a confidence back if ever)
Hate to bring it up but his last game, against the Swine, was, along with Parish, one of my shining lights for the future.


I reckon people are putting a lot on that last game and his pre-season form this year in one game.
Over his full career he has been dropped a few times, including in 2016 and 2017. I reckon the competition for spots will be tougher next year then it’s been at any time in his career.
He has to make that Sydney form the norm. If it’s not, he’s unlikely to be in the team imo.


Not sure you are correct.

Marty played

2015 22 games
2016 20 games
2017 18 games

So Coaches and Selectors like him.

Both Redman and Ridley have played less than 5 games each. I reckon when Marty is fit and firing, they are the ones who have to push him out of the team.

Easily best 22.


If so and he gets better at the one on ones that might eliminate the main weakness in his game.

I know he played a lot of games in those years but he was still dropped in 2016 and 2017.
He’ll probably be picked in the 22 at the start of this year, if he gets back to full fitness and gets back to his late 2017 form straight away.
I’m just saying if he doesn’t sustain that level of form he’s in a fair bit of trouble. His form from 2016 or the first half of 2017 will see him dropped.

Last year’s defensive structure after we started winning was:

Talls (2): Hurley and Hooker
Lock down (1): Dea
Rebounding defenders (2): Saad and McKenna
Loosish creator (1): Goddard
Last man/bench (1): Ridley/Redman/McNeice/Guelfi/McGrath

The last position varied due to needs and injuries. Sometimes two of that group played depending on injuries to the first six or roles (eg Dea dropped for Collingwood match).

Francis is likely to take Goddard’s role, adding intercept marking to it.

So Gleeson and a bunch of others are fighting for that seventh role, or if we go less defensive to push Dea out of the team. I don’t think Gleeson is a lock, but I’d probably have him as front runner (although I’m personally excited by and hopeful for Redman).

What a great attitude to have, especially knowing you are going to miss the entire season, but intent on not letting it get you down, and feeling sorry for yourself. He will be a most welcome and refreshing addition to the team in 2019.


Welcome to blitz Dylan Shiel


I’ve been rating him for years.
He’s steadily improved year on year.
As I said, it’s about his mental approach as much as anything.
Even when dropped he’s bounced back quickly & a better player - obviously puts into practice what the coaches want.
Contrarily I reckon too many people play up his supposed one on one weakness because of the “Rohan incident”.
He’s actually better than Dea one on one IMO. Dea is courageous but still prone to absolute stuff ups and poor positioning. Whereas Marty will continue to put in, is a much better mark, and provides more intelligent drive from the backline.

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Replaced by whom ?

The other blokes have played Fark all games and surprised how high some rate them. Redman and Ridley and the Zerk may make for a bit early to tell.

Ridley and Redman will be his challengers. That’s pretty obvious even though they didn’t play many games this year.
Dea as well if he stays on the list.

Zerk will be a KPD but can’t see him challenging for a spot in 2019

Welcome back Marty, I think the team missed you more than has been acknowledged.

He is a very smart player.


Plenty of better players than Gleeson have been dropped to the twos before. Most people have the bulk of Parish, Langford, McKernan, Francis, Baguley and Myers in their best 22. All players who have been dropped from the senior side in recent times

It doesn’t mean a lot going forward. Blake Caracella got dropped from the side and ended up winning a premiership and coming third in the best and fairest in the very same year

But it does mean those saying he’s been a lock in the past are probably wrong.

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I’d say there’s about 10 players at best who are legitimate locks. No-one is ever that far away from the twos in reality

It’s J Martin actually but don’t tell nobody


Who would you have as the “Lockdown” defender in your defensive structure this year?

Dea again? Ambrose?