#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “stoked to be back”

Marty has a fractured jaw??

And he came back on!


Really? That’s terrible news.

doing it tough is Marty

Cheek bone, according to the club maybe a fortnight. Maybe longer

Terrible luck.

In disappointing news, Crow said versatile defender Marty Gleeson suffered an injury in the VFL side’s 94-point drubbing of North Melbourne on Saturday and is set for a stint on the sidelines.

Gleeson came off second best after copping a knock to the head in a frustrating incident following his recent return from a severe ankle injury that kept him off the field for a year.

“Marty got a knock to the head and he’s got a fracture in his cheek bone, that will mean he’ll be unavailable for the next two weeks,” Crow said.

“We’ll just keep getting the advice from the specialist about his availability and the best situation to return him into training and then also games.”

That’s ■■■■ news.

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Hes had a rough patch but hell bounce back. I think alot of people have forgotten how good this kid is

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I must have forgotten. I think there are a few too many around here who are remembering his form through very red and black glasses. Not playing for a year has done wonders for his reputation.

I think Redman, Ridley and Francis all offer more than Gleeson. Fully fit, I don’t see Gleeson getting much of a shot.

Don’t wish a broken cheekbone on the poor guy though!!


Francis can match him the air, but not the other 2. Gleeson has Francis covered for endurance. He is as good as any of those you mention.


I think it’ll only take a poor game from Redman or Ridley for people to start jumping up and down to play gleeson. He’s an extremely solid rebounding defender who had good skills and creativity out of the backline, and good as a 3rd tall too. He’s played at the level Redman and Ridley currently are for a longer period of time, and he’s in the mix as much as any of our half backs imo.


thats probably fair … in fact there is no probably about it. you are right.
When I line up ball use, I have Ridley leading the pack. Nothing wrong with Redman though from what I saw last week.
When I line up aggression, I have Redman.
When I think ability to read the play, it is Francis.

I just don’t see a standout attribute that Gleeson has that makes him a better option. He is more experienced obviously. But I see more upside in the others, and we can’t even get them all in the one side. Something has to give - fully fit, I think it Gleeson

having said that, since he has been in the system, every coach has had him in the team so there is regard for him clearly, but I don’t see him being much more than a good ordinary player

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I’ll make the argument that Gleeson reads the play better than Francis.

What Francis does have is a super elite ability to mark the footy.

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I’m very much in the camp that Gleeson has improved a lot in a lot of people’s eyes during his absence.

I reckon Ridley and Redman have shown more this season than Gleeson ever has. I don’t want him picked ahead of them


Injured again :face_with_head_bandage:

So, so wrong. Francis’ best ability is that of reading the play. As an interceptor if you watch him you can see that he basically knows where the ball is going to be in 3 kicks time and positions himself accordingly.

I think Gleeson had definitely improved in 2017 and all pre-season reports last year said he had finally bulked up and was killing it on the track. Then he did his ankle and the rest is history.

In saying that I do agree that I would prefer Ridley and Redman in the team given they seem to have more weapons, Redman in particular. Plus you would assume that they have much more upside given their lack of experience vs current output.

It’s a long way back for Marty. I really do hope he can get back to his best. It would be such a shame to look back and realise that he was cut down right before his peak. Time will tell.

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The last VFL game is worth watching just for the lightning bolt pass Francis made across the ground to the corridor. There was a collective gasp amongst the crowd.

Gleeson’s standout attribute at AFL level for me was his intercept marking, which primarily came from good reading of the play rather than contested marking. He wasn’t Hooker or even Francis level, but he’s better at it than Ridley or Redman. The R’s have him covered for disposal though and probably pace too. Redman has him covered for aggression also.

Not sure there’s a spot for Marty with a fit list, but he’s a very capable AFL level mid sized defender.

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Very bad luck for Gleeson. Feel for the guy, he just can’t get a good run at it.

For me, I think Gleeson’s main two attributes are being 3rd man up intercept marker, and good rebound/disposal. I think he regularly got beaten one on one defensively. I think Redman and Ridley are as good (and potentially better) than Gleeson for their disposal/rebound, and appear stronger defensively (not absolutely convinced on Ridley yet). Ridley can definitely hit the same level as Gleeson in intercept marking, it is a strength at VFL level.

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