#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “stoked to be back”

Problem is for the like of Glees, is that after that initial breakthrough in form, time out of the game can hurt.

Colyer is a good example, in that when he finally produced his best and became an important cog in the side, injury put him out for an extended period of time and he never reproduced the same form.

I think once a player finally reaches their best or close too, they need a good 1 to 2 years to cement that form and consistency in their game. If injury intervenes with this period, they can often struggle to reproduce. I hope Marty isn’t the same.

How is Colyer going at Freo? I haven’t watched much of their games, but I notice that statistically at least, he seems to be having g similar output to 2014/2015 when he was at his best

hes going ok. still glad to see the back of him really. still an elite fumbler.

He ran hard, marked and kicked a vital goal in the last quarter on Saturday.

…with a broken face…

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Much cleaner handling the ball. Not big possession numbers but he looks a bit more involved in play than he did at EFC over the last few years.

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I’ll try not to derail the Fanta thread, so thought I’d reply in more detail here.

I’m not sure how Gleeson has become a defensive giant since 2017, which is how you portray him with the statement “sh*tloads better defensively”
Certainly, I would agree that he would be more adept at playing on smaller forwards than Ridley is.
Though we haven’t seen enough of Ridley in the Seniors to know exactly what forwards he would be suited to ideally.

Were there any games in particular you can site whereby he put a stop on a dangerous forward, that assisted us in obtaining a win ?
It’s more hope that a good player (yes, he is a good player) will come back in the side and make us better.
I’m not sure that he will make us any better, and I have grave doubts that he reaches 2017 levels anytime soon.

He has been surpassed by Redman (definitely).
Ridley’s foot skills are an asset in a defence with Ambrose, Hurley and Hooker, who we can all agree are ‘iffy’, so IMO his skill set is more useful than Gleeson’s.
You could make the argument that Francis has him covered for intercept marking, if we feel an increased need for such a player in our D50.

Look, I like Marty.
He is an incredibly courageous player, and I like his attacking flair and willingness to take the game on, but he is being over rated by some on this site.




It was more a highlighting of Ridley’s defence this year. Fine young player, but defensively, with a direct opponent m, is not very good imo and is why he’s in the seconds

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The return.

Don’t forget this bloke. Hard to factor him into this backline/wing, but geez at his best is a seriously good player.

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Yeh. Marty is available for selection. But Redman has his spot and I can’t see Marty dislodging him.


I’d like to see Saad pushed to a wing and Gleason take his place.

I think it’s important we keep Saad in the back 6 for his 1v1 (or on occasion 1v2) defending. Not only is he quick enough to shut down space if the oppo looks like getting over the back, I think he’s the only player on our team (apart from maybe McGrath, but his hands are too valuable in the midfield) who can lock down the oppo’s smaller crumbing forwards, eg Betts, Greene, Rioli etc. As much as I like Saad’s rebounding, I think of him as a genuine defender first. He seems to be very good at spoiling oppo players without giving away a free kick for high\front on contact. A can contest at ground level buying enough time for backup to arrive. As much as I love his dash, he can dance around an opponent, but then seems to end up hemming himself in against the boundary line and facing the wrong way, having to get the kick away under pressure, and it’s not an ideal disposal.

I think McKenna is more suited to a wing. IMO he’s not as much of a 1v1 defender as Saad, but McKenna seems to be able to think through his dash beforehand so he doesn’t end up hemming himself in, and his kicks on the run are next level. I’d love to see him getting the ball on the wing, running 30m, then delivering i50.


There is no scenario where Marty pushes aside Redman or Saad.

He simply isn’t the same class of player.


Saad is one of the best one on one defenders in the league. If Gleeson was to come in (and I he shouldn’t as currently he isn’t pushing anyone out currently) I’d play him on the wing before Saad.

Also watching Saad I think it’s clear he prefers the play unfolding up field of him. I think McKenna would appreciate the midfield more than Saad (although he doesn’t look fully fit at the moment so that won’t happen either).

McNeice is clearly the one who would make way from the current team, the question is will it be for Gleeson or Ridley?

Id probably just say Ridley on fitness and conditioning alone


You didn’t fix it… you broke it.


Gleeson is just good depth now that we have Saad and Redman down there.

I would probably still take McNeice over Marty as I doubt his 1 v 1 ability.

Lets not forget that Marty will need at least a month in the VFL before he has got his touch back etc. It’s nearly been 2 years since his last AFL game