#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson - is “stoked to be back”


IIRC he played 2 VFL matches this year (up to R3 against North when he had the collision that fractured his cheekbone.) He’s missed R4-7 because he couldn’t risk contact, but he still will have been doing running and weights. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him listed as “Available” after a couple of weeks in the VFL, (as opposed to needing at least a whole month,) especially as the other players coming back from injury will make the team look better as a whole. I agree though, him actually taking a spot off Redman\Saad etc is another matter.


Oh hang on now… no need to go too far.


Gleeson once match fit will be back on a HBF I think. Redman the 7th defender/mid

Ridley, McNeice & Francis for now just defensive cover. With Ridley getting midfield development in 2’s also.


Gleeson could take Guelfi/Ridleys 7th defender role
and Guelfi could take a more permanent wing role where he is more suited imo, he just needs to get his hands on it more. But it would be more like Zaka/McGrath is Wing Attack and Guelfi is WIng defence lol.


hmm I would’ve though Redman and Fetus are similar types


More similar types that Gleeks & Saad, for sure.


that is about as stupid a comment as I have ever seen. McNeice is a plodder, who has low level skills, average pace and little marking skill. Gleeson is a good mark and kick, and is over 6 foot/


I don’t believe Gleeson is a good kick.
Certainly, he’s not a bad kick, and I commend his dare with disposal, but he floats too many for my liking.
Similar to Heppell with regards to effectiveness by foot IMO.


His beard is impressive though.


Gleeson has improved immensely in the last 18 months. If he’s as good as he sounds in this thread, his absence has probably cost us 3 wins already this year


Kevin Bartlett was just saying Marty should have been awarded a free kick in that Sydney game in 2017 . The first time I ever heard anyone outside Essendon fans say that. Basically at the time everyone basically said, suck **** Essendon.


Pretty hard to believe that wrapping an arm around someone, leaning back to lift them off the ground and turfing them to one side was a free kick


Do umpires actually watch the game ?
Considering there were 2 of them I am still at a loss to understand how they awarded a mark and not a free…


It’s an Essendon thing


don’t get me ■■■■■■■ started


Reckon it might be about time for Marty to make an appearance. Move Redman up into Gueli’s spot and bring him in.


That or Zaka back into midfield

I definitely think it’s time. Gleeson was very good last week in 2’s, hopefully gets through well this weekend also and in he comes.


If he plays in the VFL tomorrow, highly unlikely to be picked for the GWS game.
Four day turnaround not ideal. And not fair on Marty.


Well you’ll know if he only plays say 50% tomorrow.

I think he’s absolutely ready and it’s criminally under rated around here how much he’s missed.

Zaka just needs to go back to a wing. Gleeson can be that extra running half back and distributor. Doesn’t panic with the footy, we will be so much when he’s back.


Marty Gleeson IS that mobile intercept defender we all want Francis to be.