#8 Marty Reppin' Gleeson


Dying seconds of a close game isn't his strong suit...

I thought he had a pretty solid game outside of that.


Of all the people he should not have been in the goal square, abject failure of the structures.


Will probably play 200 games and be a premiership player. So....something to look forward to.


I somewhat doubt these days that any player makes a decision with how much weight they put on or even the conditioning / strength regime they go through.


Which surely should have been a free kick to Gleeson...


He has improved markedly IMO but that final piece of play to seal our fate is so Marty Gleeson that it isn't even funny.


Not only that, but how on earth is there not a loose on the goal line?


why would you play behind your man on the goal line, if the ball goes over it's a goal anyway?

Was great up until then, but yeah, he's prone to those sorts of brain fades late in games which is his undoing


He was in front, up until Rohan rassled him behind.


The ■■■■■■■ goal mouth was open with Gleeson the only one on the the goal the line.

Why the ■■■■ wasn't the space filled?


The bigger question is why were there 3 sydney players first to the drop of the ball that let them have a clean shot at the goal face in the first place?

Before that why did not a single player run to create any other options for Goddard to kick it too?

Why would Goddard kick to himself with 25 seconds on the clock?

The mind ponders at how hard this team works to give games to their opposition

Tell you what though, that winning mark and goal is ugly for Gleeson, he was literally thrown aside like a little child pretty pathetically, and it lost us the game.


You are blaming Gleeson he was not alone but there were many things, others did in that last four minutes when we looked like winning. They celebrated the win too soon and opened the door for Sydney to walk through and they did. The team did not back up in the goal square and block Sydney's entry. Goddard's shocker kick which was smothered and where were our tallest players when we needed to flood the backline? Nowhere to be seen.

I am sure the players are hurting but will we learn from this and will it be edible etched in their minds for future reference??? I hope so.


Great game.

Got manhandled by a far more powerful player. I don't blame him for the loss.


Apparently this is irrelevant because Gary Rohan is not some sort of a physical monster


I 'blame' whoever Rampe's direct opponent was more than Marty.
That whole last throw in was an absolute shambles. Sydney with the first 2-3 players to the ball, someone left one out on the goal line.
If I was an under 15s coach and that happened I'd be ■■■■■■ off


Ridiculous to blame Gleeson for the loss. I can see you're all ■■■■■■ off. I was too. But it's not a one man failure.
Gleeson was great most the game. Took a couple of awesome pack marks in defense. He's obviously a lightly framed person, who will continue to grow and develop, but he's never gonna be no physical monster, so time we accept this and look at the positives.
Besides, he wouldn't be in the side if we had some superstar to take his place would he?
I don't mind young Gleeson.


Devils advocate: Dea would've won that wrestle.


wow what a pack of pea hearts giving it to Gleeson.

The Marty Party was back last night I thought he performed admirably and was critical at different stages of the game.

Its a team game so its a team loss.


Well Dea wasn't farking playing, was he? Or are you going to go through the entire match and weigh up every single instance of Marty's influence against an imaginary influence by Dea doing exactly the same things (or not) and then give a verdict? Otherwise - why even bother saying that?


To be a real smartarse, of course.

I thought Gleeson was really really good btw, maybe just outside the votes.
But Sydney might be a side where Dea is a better matchup than Gleeson.