#9 Brendon James Goddard


Topped the league for most marks of the round with 15 yesterday


Most player will make a mistake through games, it is not the mistakes that people should be focusing on but rather what he does off the ball. His positioning is awesome, he gets to most contests and helps out the defenders as much as possible. Turnovers from others often hurt him because he doesn’t have the speed to get back and cover and it leaves the backmen exposed.

I can excuse one or two mistakes for all the other good he does.



I’d be fairly stunned if he’s top 3.

He always seems to be our best when we get well beaten, when fewer votes are allocated.

I’d reckon Zach, Zaka, Hurls and maybe JoeDan will finish above him.


Just another player that needs to basically play his best game of the year against Sydney if we’re to be a chance.

You came to Essendon to play finals BJ.

Here it is.


If anyone is primed to play well in this game it’s BJ given his brain fade in our previous against them


He came here to do one thing; play finals and kick goals


Hopefully he’s not all out of goals.


a quarter of them with 5 would do me nicely. For the next game that is.


Another reason on the weekend on why we ditch the McVeigh acquisition and just put Goddard at half back to fill the Kelly role.


Been a absolute star this year, possibly his best year for us, even against his first year.


All the pain from missing out in 2013 when we had the team to win BJ, use it now. Bring it from within and along with Jobe push this team.

You were made for finals.


Hmmm, … that thought makes me a little nervous actually.

Makes me wonder if he’ll go into “try too hard, try to do too much” mode early & totally.


BJ is a big game player. Will be at his best against Sydney. Can’t wait.

Can’t wait for Hirdy to present him with the Norm Smith either but that’s for later.


Was a ■■■■■■ passenger last night!
He was fluffing around constantly whinging to others yet never manning up or putting in any effort at all from what I saw. I actually don’t think he’s a team player at all. Yes he’s been great for the club during the saga and all but if he didn’t have another year I would be ■■■■■■■ him off pronto!



Wtf is that . Rather the orange capris


Cue the celebration outrage.

Mad Monday Pics

I think we should get used to seeing Goddard in the half back role permanently next season.


BJ is so under rated here at the club. He will end up coaching.