#9 Brendon James Goddard


I hope we have a half back come on so BJ is squeezed out of the team next year.
But I cant see it happening. Hope it is his last year. He has been a good servant. With Kelly gone, we probably need some more leadership in the back half.

Depending on who we recruit - we might need BJ to play jobes role as inside mid at times if we dont get anyone.


I don’t get the BJ criticism.

For the first 5 rounds he was playing inside midfield and was leading our clearances and contested disposals.

They then switched him out to help Zakka.

He is so adaptable and plays the position given to him.

Honestly it’s like nobody iticed that Woosha moved him out. By round 6 he is leading our Best&F hands down and then was forced to change roles.

I think that start to the year showed what a great player he really is when asked to perform that role. But it was better for the team for Zakka to play inside more.


Because it is easy to criticise. They watch the game, they see a mistake and then they say he isn’t good enough.


Bloke ran more than 95% of the team on the weekend.



Yes, there are plenty of positives, but, he is very slow (not on his own there) and that can be a problem.


Agreed. I also think it’s the case of one person saying he is ■■■■ then many others automatically agree sheepishly and it gains major traction. Definitely deserved a one year contract.


Thought he was one of our better players. Especially early when we were getting smashed

Happy for him to go around for another year


Has some currency for a trade. Sensational steak knives in a Kelly trade. Just a thought.


You know - he’s not actually as slow as people keep on saying. He’s not ‘fast’, but he has a good tank, and he has a burst of speed.


Not such a bad idea but he’s been dignified and a huge support to the playing list through the saga.

On the downward curve? Sure.
But he retires a Don.


Bloke is a dead set gun.


Nuff said.


I’m with you. I wouldn’t class him as slow that’s for sure. His top speed isn’t that flash but his acceleration is pretty good


where do you see stats on how much they ran?




nobody noticed, cos it prolly didn’t actually happen.
why the ■■■■ would you swap goddard for zaka in a inside mid role, something zaka has never ■■■■■■■ been ?
how would it help the team by doing that.

zaka stayed in the same outside role he’s always had.

If he was swapped out of there, it was prolly due to the fact a midfield of him, watson and hepp were getting ■■■■■■■ destroyed week in week out, and winning the the clearences in said midfield that was totally and utterly destroyed isn’t exactly saying much, but he was the most adaptable to a move (i’ll give you that).

Goddard is past it, but no doubt he’ll be kept on for guilt associated purposes like he was this year.
Also didn’t like the fact he claimed he’d be getting paid first day of preseason no matter whether they wanted him to turn up or not.


He’ll be kept on because of his contract.


Can’t believe anyone is discussing the possibility of him going. Will be staying for sure. As he should.


I read that as, they switched Goddard out to a more outside role along with Zaka…meaning that Zaka didn’t go more “inside”
That’s my interpretation anyway


Will slot into james kellys spot nicely.


Just to give Goddard some respect using actual facts.

From rounds 1-6 Goddard averages 12 contested possessions, and 6 clearances a game. Team leading.

For the remainder of the year he never reached 10 contested possessions in a single game or even 5 clearances in a single game (max 4).

He was moved. He played like a farking champ and they moved him, he accommodated that change. He has been underrated in this aspect of his leadership and game his entire career and blamed for getting easy kicks. But truth is that is the coaches not him.media flogs like wallsy don’t do the research and quite frankly Goddard is an easy target for some.

Now Zakka.

He averaged 6 contested possessions and 1.25 clearnaces a game from rounds 1-6. He also averaged 3.5 tackles.

After round 6 he averaged
Contested possessions - 6.7 contested possessions a game with (11% increase being the softest evidence of positional change but not insignificant )
Clearances - 2.5 clearances a game (double)
Tackles - 5.1 per game

This is a mountain of evidence suggesting positional change. Not to mention Woosha and Zakka have acknowledge then positional change for some months. Just nobody pointed out Goddard was the victim of the change.

And to round it out at looking at there impact on the game using very flawed champion ranking stats

Zakka average rounds 1-6 = 71
Zakka average across entire 23 matches = 91.4

Goddard average rounds 1-6 = 112 (Zerret level)
Goddard average rounds across entire 23 matches = 97.4



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