#9 Brendon James Goddard


I guess we can wait until the end of next year to make that call then.


I think 2 years is achievable if next year’s output and durability is as good as it was this year.

But 3, eugh
Not so sure BJ, and I farken love you


It’s good to have goals.


It’s no surprise that BJ thinks that. I get the impression he’s the sort of guy that will have to be dragged kicking and screaming out of the AFL system


Due belligerence.


I thought bj would be quite aware of where he’s at. That being said 2 to 3 seems exorbitant. 1to2 for mine.


He might play 5 games next year and retire mid season or he might be the next Dustin Fletcher. Neither would surprise with Goddard.


Merda! With all the action in here I thought he’d been delisted.


Ponting style


hes been extremely durable injury wise. IMO doesnt have the skill set that would enable him to have a massively long career like fletch, but if you can play him as dare I say a Luke Hodge type general of the backline and disguise his age a bit, then its not outside the realm of possibility that he goes another few years.

and you have to remember too that he wasnt even ‘managed’ this year, or seemingly wasnt. If you rest him strategically for a few games a season, theres no doubt that’d assist him through the year, if we really wanted to retain him for a while longer.

form permitting, hes the one real old player on our list that id love to keep around as long as possible. just adds another level of leadership and mentorship to what is a pretty young group.


While he is still top 10, esp. top 5 in the B&F, has to earn a spot in the following year. When he falls of a cliff (whichever year that happens), then its time to call it a day. As it stands, we have had 5 great years of contribution from BJ, anything more now is a bonus be it one, two or three.




the 2000 - 2001 team was like 2017 Richmond levels of ferocity with 2017 Adelaide’s silky skills, but better at both.


If we can snag a premiership for his and he does actually have another 2 years it will be very interesting to see how he seems himself - a saint ir a bomber. A couple of years ago I think he still saw himself as a saint not so sure now. Whatever he deserves to go out on his own accord given the timing of his move to us. Huge respect for guy who could have been very bitter but wasn’t. Would just be magnificent if we snagged a flag for him.



Australian International Rules coach Chris Scott has confirmed Essendon’s Brendon Goddard will be the goalkeeper for the upcoming games against Ireland in Adelaide and Perth.

He will follow in the footsteps of former Bomber Dustin Fletcher who kept in five series for Australia, and was widely regarded as the best keeper in the series.

The Geelong mentor said they will be looking to use Goddard as an extra defender by getting him heavily involved in the game, and are intending to play an exciting style of footy.

“Brendon Goddard’s drawn the short straw,” Scott said on SEN Breakfast.

“It would be a big trap for us to try and play the way the Irish do, one of the advantages of having a guy like Brendon Goddard behind the ball is he’s played the game before and he’s really smart.

“We’ll try and get our goalkeeper involved a little bit, we’ll play an attacking brand of footy and look to score, which might leave us a little bit vulnerable defensively, but I think that’s what the fans want to see, guys like BJ heavily involved in the game.”

The squad will only come together for the first time on the Thursday prior to the opening game, and while Scott admitted this was a challenge, he has backed in the quality of players at his disposal to offset any potential issues.

“We are cognisant to the fact that it’s the players off-season, and given we are playing the two games this year, we wanted to keep it pretty tight,” he said.

“It’s coaching 101, that when you’ve got really good players you put them in positions where they play their best footy…the most important thing is we don’t complicate it.

“We will give them a very simple formula to follow.”

Australia takes on Ireland at Adelaide Oval on Sunday November 12, and Domain Stadium on Saturday November 18.

Squad: Eddie Betts, Rory Laird, Rory Sloane, Dayne Zorko, Kade Simpson, Scott Pendlebury, Brendon Goddard, Zach Merrett, Nat Fyfe, Gary Ablett, Patrick Dangerfield, Joel Selwood, Shaun Burgoyne, Jack Gunston, Michael Hibberd, Neville Jetta, Robbie Tarrant, Ben Brown, Travis Boak, Paddy Ryder, Chad Wingard, Luke Shuey



Club needs to deliver him a flag hopefully we can pinch one in the next year or two.


BJ is about to be interviewed on SEN for those of you who are interested


if this is Hutchy trying to get us to sen to your ■■■■ radio station so help me?


I see him as being used almost exclusively across half back this season. Although he has a massive tank, he is slowing down a bit and we have 4-5 fast players we need to run as outside mids, while we do need to increase the amount of experience, leadership and talent in the backline.