#9 Brendon James Goddard


ridley gets his gig now


Have to say that stepping on the line is inexcusable. Up with that sydney play on and getting ball smothered.

His experience should be preventing those kind of things happening.

Just one of a multitude of stuff ups from all players but his was at a critical time


Perhaps I’m wrong but it seems like we trust McKenna all game to kick in until it gets close at the end and give it to Goddard and … well …


He had one bad one in the first half and one bad one in the second half.


Was awful defending all day

Loses his feet at crucial times

A liability as soon as the ball comes to him in any kind of contested situation

Please retire midweek, have a sendoff game against stkilda

Please please no more after that


I swear i see players step on that line all the time and not get called but yes, unfortunately this needs to be his last season.


Absolute legend. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. Please retire at season’s end.


I already stuck a fork in him.
Stick another in him.

In Dea out goddard.


I’m not sure it is deliberate from the coaches, I think BJ does that on the field from what I could see. I think the defensive coach needs to tell BJ to stop it.


Thanks BJ for your efforts. Goodbye.


Hawthorn are on the up again due to being willing to make hard calls on club champs. We saw the evidence of that today. Sorry BJ. You’ve been monumental for this club and should be recognised in our history for how you carried so much during the saga. But sadly, it’s time.


When the team are flying he looks pretty good but when it’s an arm wrestle he seems to struggle / make critical mistakes. Shame


I’m a massive BJ fan, but he ain’t going to get better over another preseason. He is cooked, I think he has played too much this year and it’s cost him another season.

It’s time to say to him he is not best 22.

I would be surprised if he went to another club like Carlton for a season before coaching.


They had to talk him into playing this year.


Then why is he in the media saying he wants another year?


Cannot cover an opponent defensively. It’s over, seriously. Our team looked one paced apart from the usual suspects.


I don’t think that’s right. When he was asked he said he had triggered his extra year and was going to take it.


No they did not.


He’s been a great club man and, like Jobe last year, he’s having more misses than hits but he deserves better than some of these posts.


If he’s a great club man he will finish up at years end.